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23 Years Ago, Samantha Jones Wore Her Spiciest SATC Outfit Ever

At the Playboy Mansion, naturally.

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Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cynthia Nixon on SATC.
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Try as they might, SATC just isn’t the same without Samantha Jones. That’s precisely why Kim Cattrall’s stipulations to return to set were met just so Samantha could make a one-episode comeback on HBO Max’s And Just Like That...

Samantha wasn’t like the rest of the cast who were varying degrees of whiny and Big-whipped (Carrie), prudish and naive (Charlotte), and overly-cynical (Miranda). The PR executive knew what she wanted in her career, in life, and in bed — and wasn’t afraid to get it. Samantha often had the best and funniest lines, and was the most loyal, supportive friend of the group, bar none.

Though Carrie is known as the fashionista of the four, Samantha also had her fair share of great style moments, rocking every trend imaginable. From bold power suits to spicy dresses that expertly highlighted her décolletage, whatever she wore, Samantha’s confidence was unmatched — even when carrying a faux designer bag.

In Season 3, Episode 14, the ladies go on an LA vacation. While out shopping, Samantha comes across a bootleg seller toting Fendi Baguette bags (a Carrie favorite). She bought herself a $150 dupe out of the back of a man’s trunk, saving upwards of $3k.

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Later, she meets her idol. Carrie explained: “Samantha had worshipped Hugh Hefner ever since she was old enough to steal her father’s Playboys.” So when Hefner invites Samantha and the girls to the Playboy Mansion, she dons her best pool party look and takes her newly-purchased knock-off with her.

All four women were decked out in Grotto-friendly ‘fits: Charlotte in a cherry print halter bikini, Miranda in a tropical maxi dress, and Carrie in a sheer cover-up covered in gold sequins, which she wore over a black bikini.

Meanwhile, Samantha, ever the spicy dresser, wore what might be one of her spiciest looks ever. She donned a pink and black zebra print bikini top and paired it with high-waist pants in the same bold, animal print. She then threw on a totally see-through mesh top, equipped with a low-low V neckline. The PR maven accessorized her look with dangling pink gemstone earrings and, of course, her metallic gold bag.

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That night, however, Samantha loses her bag, and when she spots a similar one slung over the shoulder of a Bunny, she waltzes straight up to her and accuses her of theft. She soon realized the accessory in question was the real thing. She gets swiftly kicked out of the party with her friends in tow.

The episode included one of Samantha’s most iconic looks and storylines to date, showing off that over-the-top confidence she’s known for. She had zero qualms with rocking a fake and confronting someone who she thought stole it from her. It’s just so Samantha.

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