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12 Beauty Products That Are Even More Amazing Right Out Of The Fridge

They’re cool for the summer.

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A glass of perfectly made lemonade. A bubbly seltzer. A flawlessly crafted cocktail. Nothing hits quite like a cold beverage straight from the fridge on a hot summer day, right? From the moment you take your first sip, your body cools and calms down, and the instant relief that travels through your body is absolutely priceless. Now imagine that same feeling on your skin — the part of you that’s the most exposed to and often irritated by the blaring sun and intense humidity.

Of course, you’ll always have your favorite SPFs, glowy bronzers, and lightweight moisturizers to keep your skin looking (and feeling) its best. But you can also upgrade your routine by introducing these skin care products that, like your lemonade, are best served cold. Not only will these fridge-friendly finds refresh your skin, but they’ll also help minimize inflammation and relieve irritation.

Fun fact: A study has shown that chilled skin care products can lower the temperature of the skin, which in turn can reduce oil production. Water-based products like gels, hydrating toners, and sheet masks, meanwhile, feel extra amazing and help cool and de-puff your skin when they’re cold.

Make some room in your skin care fridge for these products and you’ll have 12 ways to stay fresh all summer long.

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Cooling Facial Globes

These ice globes aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they also eliminate redness and shrink the appearance of your pores. After chilling them in the fridge (or popping them into a bowl of ice for 10 minutes), roll ’em over your face in slow, circular movements for three to five minutes for a de-puffing treat.


A Stellar Eye Mask

When it comes to smoothing fine lines, retinol is the real MVP — and these jelly eye masks are formulated with the golden ingredient to revitalize your under-eye area without causing irritation. These masks also have soothing aloe, making these a great cooling eye treatment to counteract the effects of too much screen time. Wear the masks two or three times per week for 15 to 20 minutes.


A Hydrating Facial Mist

Refrigerating a facial mist upgrades a product that already has a rep for being refreshing, and this Honeysuckle Rose Hydrating Mist from Pholk Beauty is no exception. You’ll be thankful when you have a cold bottle to throw in your bag to use on the go.


A Gentle Fine Line Plumper

Vegan and fragrance-free, these patches are worth trying if you have sensitive skin. Place them under your eyes or on your nasolabial folds (aka smile lines) for 10 to 15 minutes weekly, and these patches will gradually help reduce fine lines and nourish skin with marshmallow root, calendula, and ceramides.


An Incognito Gel Mask

A whopping 20% of this moisture-boosting mask is made from a super hydrating hyaluronic acid complex. The gel texture lends itself well to being chilled, and it’s transparent, so you can shamelessly mask on the DL during Zoom meetings. Apply a thick layer to your face for three minutes every day for maximum hydration.


An Exfoliating Treatment

This exfoliator’s lactic and glycolic acids break down dead skin cells to restore your glow, while niacinamide helps tighten pores and improve texture. The gel-like texture cools down nicely (soothing any tingliness from the actives) and it comes with a mini brush to ensure easy, mess-free application. Just reach for it any time your skin loses its glow and apply a thin, even layer for 20 minutes.


A Team Of Tools

This duo from Faceé gives you two tools — a facial roller and a gua sha — made of natural rose quartz crystal (aka one of the prettiest stones ever). Straight out of the refrigerator, they’ll feel as soothing as ice cubes against your complexion. Use either the jade roller for five minutes morning and night, or use the gua sha once daily for the same amount of time.


A Lightweight Moisturizer

Grape water, a natural prebiotic that rebalances, soothes, and hydrates your skin, is the star of this non-greasy moisturizer. The hybrid gel-cream melts right into your complexion and chilling it will ensure that it doesn’t feel heavy, even on the muggiest days. Apply a dime-sized amount to your face and neck in the a.m. and p.m.


A Gentle Cleansing Balm

Amie’s Soft & Smooth Cleansing Balm’s super gentle formula includes almond milk and safflower oil that condition the skin. Balm textures can melt on steamy bathroom shelves, so keep your cleansing balm in the fridge to help keep it solid. And get a refreshing and soothing cleanse — perfect for washing away sweat, sand, and sunscreen after a beach day.


A Refreshing Sheet Mask

Rosé is the unofficial drink of the season, and this vino-inspired mask will be your next summer fave. It drenches your face with resveratrol and hyaluronic acid, all of which help soften, hydrate, and protect your skin from early signs of aging. Leave this cooling rosé-inspired mask on for 10 minutes weekly.


Hemp-Infused Eye Patches

Hemp seed oil is a powerhouse ingredient rich in omega-3 fatty acids that calm and soothe dry skin. Chilling will help reduce puffiness, so put these in the fridge instead of your skin care cabinet. Ten to 20 minutes, three times a week with these hydrogel eye patches will de-puff, brighten, and soothe your under-eye area. Now that’s a trifecta.


A Superfood-Packed Serum

Give your skin all the vitamins it needs and more with this Green Machine Oily Jelly Serum. The formula is infused with 15 superfoods, including kale, hemp, avocado, and spinach, to keep your skin firm, smooth, and radiant. Apply three or four drops on clean skin daily, then toss this in the fridge to consider it a cold green juice for your face.

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