Summer 2020's Biggest Makeup Trends, According To Experts

Get ready to see a whole lot of bold lips and bright eyes.


Seasonal makeup trends are expected, especially come summer when many people tend to ditch their deep berry-toned lipsticks and warm, coppery orange eyeshadows. Now, as temperatures heat up, summer 2020 makeup looks are beginning to emerge — and, with it, a few common themes.

Makeup trends for summer 2020 may be different from what you expected. While some options, like glowing skin, are always in style, beauty trends this season seem to be particularly focused on the eyes. From neon shadows to shimmer and graphic liner, the eyes have it for summer 2020. Natural brows and soft, stained lips are also poised to be big this season, and with heat and humidity wearing down your makeup, a matte look could be just what you need to up your summer makeup game.

If you want to know which looks to try, get started by reading up on these 12 expert-recommended trends.

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1. Natural Matte Skin

Makeup artist and esthetician Rudy Miles foresees matte but natural-looking skin being a trend. "Techniques that help makeup last will be beneficial in the summer heat," he tells Bustle. By choosing a matte finish but one with a lighter coverage, your makeup will stay in place throughout the day without becoming cakey.

Miles recommends a single pump of foundation (he likes Jane Iredale's Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation) and using your preferred application method (fingers, a brush, or a sponge) to blend it into the skin.

2. Neon Shades

Steve Kassajikian, Urban Decay's global makeup artist, says the eyes have it this summer and anticipates lots of bold neon hues, from graphic liner to full shadow looks. He tells Bustle now is the time to "use bright, bold colors to make a statement." He recommends using Urban Decay's Wired palette to create pops of color under the eye — a la Lizzo — a wash of color over the lid, or a graphic liner.

3. Lived-In Layered Brows

Benefit Cosmetics global brow expert Jared Bailey agrees that the eyes will be a focal point this summer: "[People are] wearing less makeup and reaching for products that are quick and easy to use, look natural," he says. "We're saying 'goodbye' to the carved-out brow and 'hello' to tons of natural-looking texture! Lived-in, layered brows are fluffy and full of contrasting [hair] colors that embrace a more natural, lush-looking brow."

To get the look, Bailey recommends brushing up brow hairs using Benefit's 24-Hour Brow Setter and letting the gel dry completely. Next, use a micro brow pencil, like Benefit's Precisely My Brow, to fill in gaps with tiny flicks. For larger gaps, Bailey recommends using a "stipple and sweep" technique: "Simply stipple the tip of the wand onto your skin to add the pigment, and then sweep the bristles of the wand over that exact spot to create a natural, hair-like texture," he says.

4. Pop Art Eyes

Sarah Lucero, Stila Cosmetics' creative director of artistry, dubs "pop art eyes" as a major trend this summer. The look creates unique shapes along the eye and pairs bold, bright colors above a classic, black liner for a defined look.

"This summer beauty trend is all about interesting shapes and slashes of colorful cream eyeshadow applied as liner or overall shadow," Lucero says. "It works on every eye shape and can be created with powders, pencils, or cream shadows." Even if you don't have the cream shadows that Lucero uses, you can still get the look with what you have on hand.

To get the look, Lucero recommends using the Stila Double Dip Suede Shade & Glitter and Glow. To create the effect, draw a classic cat-eye flick with black liner, and then, using the flat side of the suede applicator, apply the pop of color directly above the black liner and blend upward into the crease. Finally, use the glitter side of the shadow as an accent to create any shape you want, or even as a wash over the cream shade.

5. Glossy, Tinted Lips

Urban Decay's Kassajikian also sees soft, tinted lips as a trend, telling Bustle the look is meant to be understated but still attention-grabbing. He recommends Urban Decay's Vice Lip Chemistry, explaining that a non-sticky, glossy formula works best for this look: "It's subtle but still grabs attention."

Urban Decay's high-gloss tint, which lasts for up to five hours, reacts to your lips' own pH level to give a custom shade. Apply to the lips as you would any other gloss.

6. Colorful Graphic Liner

Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta predicts colorful, graphic eyeliner will still be a staple this summer. While the trend has been around for some time, the focus on the eyes for the warmer weather is propelling it forward once again.

"Colorful eyeliner is a go-to for me and my clients," he tells Bustle. "It creates a touch of drama but with a fun, flirty vibe that, with a little practice, anyone can pull off."

Ta says getting the look is more about experimenting and having fun rather than creating precise shapes. "The key is to pick one bright shade and play around with your eye shapes," he says. "There are no rules when it comes to this trend."

7. White Eyeliner

Sarah Tanno, Lady Gaga's makeup artist and global artistry director for Haus Labs, sees white eyeliner becoming particularly popular this summer, along with the aforementioned bold neons and graphic looks. Tanno points to the popularity of both Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's white liner looks from the "Rain of Me" music video.

To embrace the trend, Tanno recommends using the white shade in Haus Labs Stupid Love Eyeshadow palette as you would your normal liner. "I used shade 911 in the 'Rain on Me' video" Tanno says "and the looks on Gaga and Ariana went viral with makeup lover recreations."

8. Faux Freckles

Ta also foresees faux freckles as a summer 2020 makeup trend. Although the look has been around for a few months, he says its simplicity and ease is what will make it popular. "It’s a quick and easy way to change up your look," he says, "and many people already have the products at home to play with."

To try it yourself, Ta recommends using Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Wiz in shade soft brown to apply the tiny dots wherever you'd like them, or use a product specifically designed to create the look, like Freck OG.

9. Shimmering Eyes

For summer, Beyoncé's makeup artist Sir John forecasts shimmering, bright lids being on trend, citing the easiness of the look as being key to its popularity.

He tells Bustle that using L'Oreal's Brilliant Eyes Liquid Shadows is one great way to create the look. "I love these shimmery shades because they are effortless," he says. "You can do a wash of color on the lid, and you're good to go. Or, if you want to accentuate the eye to make it look more open, you can pop it in the inner corner."

He recommends following up these simple steps with an eye-opening mascara like Bambi Eye for a full, bright-eyed effect.

10. Pastels

Stila's Lucero predicts soft pastels on the eyes will be a must-have for summer 2020, and she's got a trick to creating the look that she calls Art Class Eyes: Just like in the art classes from your younger years, pair a white shadow with any other cream shadow to create your very own custom pastel hue. Mix the colors until you find your ideal shade, and apply in a wash over the lid.

11. Tinted Mascara

Makeup artist Geo Hennings, who counts celebrities like Riverdale and Katy Keene star Ashleigh Murray among his clients, predicts colorful, tinted mascara as summer 2020's biggest eye trend.

"My secret weapon that’s coming back fast is a colored mascara," he says. "Blue or purple is my favorite — it’s a subtle yet effective show-stopper."

Henning recommends shades Ultraviolet and Deja Blue, and he also likes to pair them together as a top coat for maximum impact.

12. Bold Lips

While bold eyes may be the name of the game, Ta still sees a bold lip as a must-have. "Bright and bold lips have always been one of my favorite parts of a look when I’m working with my clients," he says. "There is something just so casually glamorous about putting on a bold lip, a little mascara, and heading out the door that screams, 'look at me’ but in the best way possible. Also, I think whenever anyone is wearing a bold lip, they get an instant boost of confidence that shows throughout the day."

To get the look, Ta recommends his Major Beauty Headlines Matte Suede Lipsticks, which feature bold hues and come in an array of shades.