7 Summer Piercing Trends You're About To See Everywhere

Including daiths, snakebites, and more.

7 summer piercing trends you're about to see everywhere.
Getty Images/ Adene Sanchez

You’ve dyed your hair. You’ve done some serious online shopping. And now you’re feeling (more than) ready to step out of quarantine and make up for lost time with an extra stylish summer. But have you seen this year’s summer piercing trends? They’re bold, they’re interesting, and they’re an easy way to upgrade your look.

“With summer approaching and vaccination rates increasing, we’re seeing more people come to us for facial and ear piercings to express their individuality,” Brandi Guccion, the vice president of brand marketing & eCommerce at Piercing Pagoda, tells Bustle. It’s very on-trend to experiment with your look this year, adds fashion consultant and trend forecaster Jessica Richards. So if you find yourself dreaming about getting multiple stacks along your lobes, a nose piercing, cartilage piercing, or even a dermal stud, you definitely aren’t alone.

Richards chocks the booming interest in piercings to the pandemic. “It makes sense that we would want to mark this occasion somehow,” she tells Bustle. “Combine that with the desire to express our personal style after over a year of being covered in masks, and it's easy to see why the increased interest in extreme beauty changes like bold hair colors and new piercings feel so good.”

If you want to spruce up your collection of body art with a few pieces of jewelry, read on for the top summer piercing trends for inspo.


Custom piercings are about to be everywhere. According to Guccion, people are looking for multiple piercings this summer — but in unexpected placements. Instead of going for a third hole on the lobe, or something else traditional, she notes customers have been asking piercers to get creative for a completely personalized look.


A daith piercing, which is located in the middle of the cartilage, is another summer look to know. “We're craving [...] change and want to express it in the places where it's visible, even with mask restrictions still in place,” says Richards. If that sentiment speaks to you, this placement is a must-try.


Also chic? Stacks and clusters. “Stacked ear piercings, otherwise known as constellations, are [...] huge,” Guccion says. The best part? You can get them in the shape of your astrological sign.


These two piercings — usually featuring studs or small stones — are placed right next to each other, just like a snakebite. The result is a look that’s much more interesting than a standard single one.

Double Nose

While nose piercings certainly aren’t new, Guccion says there are plenty of ways to modernize them for summer. Take one look at TikTok and you’ll see folks wearing chains across the bridge of their nose, for example. It’s also cool to stack nose piercings, says Guccion, with one ring or stud on top of the other.


Whether you get new piercings, or simply want to spice up the ones you already have, consider going for mismatched jewelry. Wear two different hoops in each ear, add a few chains or charms, and experiment — the more clashed your gems are, the better.


Dermal piercings — sometimes also called microdermal — are another fun way to play around with your look (take Cardi B as a prime example). They’re a single piercing anchored into the skin and can be placed anywhere, like the cheekbone, collarbone, or even down the neck.