This Swedish Perfume Is About To Be All Over Your FYP

Plus, four other beauty buys to lust after this week.

Swedish Perfume Brand CRA-YON Is Making Fragrance Shopping Fun Again

In my book, treating yourself to an indulgent fragrance is one of the ultimate forms of retail therapy. Thanks to the limitless imagination of perfumers, there’s an endless supply of options, too. With everything from complicated note structures and sustainability credentials to get your head (and nose) around, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when buying a new fragrance online. Which is where the playful and empowering scents from Swedish fragrance brand CRA-YON come in.

The brand’s streamlined approach to fragrance was shaped by a pioneering fragrance creators, Niclas and Christine Lydeen, who bought together a team of award-winning perfumers with over a decade of experience within luxury fragrance. The similarities with traditional brands ends there though. Instead, CRA-YON prioritises the art of perfume, quality raw ingredients, minimalist design, and straightforward language over excess packaging, complicated terminology, and budget-breaking celebrity endorsements. The result? A tightly-edited wardrobe of easy-to-explore scents designed to bring confidence and colour outside the lines of what the brand describes as “real life moments.” And all without breaking the bank.

Whatever your mood, CRA-YON makes it super simple. If you’re ready for love, Passport Amour transports you to “a parallel world of beauty and sensuality” with Damask rose, cedarwood, and musk. The commanding mandarin, vanilla orchid, and amber notes of Vanilla CEO are like a power suit in a bottle; whilst soft citrusy Amie Amie is the olfactory equivalent of sharing secrets with your best friend thanks to a mood-lifting blend of jasmine, black currant, lotus flower, and chocolate. Intrigued but nervous about buying scent online? The CRA-YON sample kit has got you covered with miniatures of its seven scents so you can explore without stressing about committing to one from the get-go.

It may be the most covetable launch on our list for this week, but it certainly isn’t the only exciting beauty launch to have on your radar. Bloody exciting, too: Lottie London’s vamp-enhancing new launch, which the brand will accept blood (donations) for in exchange of “payment,” part of its Blood for Beauty campaign, in response to UK blood banks experiencing a national shortage. Doing good looks good, too.

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