Tatcha's Texture Tonic Is Magic In A Bottle

This miracle elixir is worth every penny.

Although it’s one of those beauty brands that I always trust to come out with an exciting launch, Tatcha just dropped The Texture Tonic AHA Liquid Exfoliating Treatment and exceeded all my expectations.

Full disclosure: The idea of adding yet another step to my skin care routine doesn’t usually appeal to me. (This is especially true at night when I just want to jump into bed at the end of a long day.) But as someone with oily skin that’s prone to hormonal breakouts, I’m always on the hunt for products that will keep blemishes at bay and control excess oil. Any product with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) can lure me right in — but here’s why Tatcha’s Texture Tonic is actually worth the extra step.

First Up: The Basics

The Texture Tonic gently exfoliates, working to even out skin texture, reduce the appearance of pores, and brighten dark spots. Its main ingredients include fruit-derived AHAs that provide resurfacing benefits and remove debris, along with niacinamide and a herb called Japanese mugwort to reduce redness and make large pores less noticeable. The cherry on top is wild rose, which is included in the formula to control excess oil production.

It’s consistency is a lightweight liquid that I simply pour onto a cotton pad and sweep over my entire face after I cleanse. It can be used for both day and night, though I personally like to use this just at night right now. When it’s extra humid during the warmer months, I’m looking forward to using it in the morning as well to help nix shine.

Why I’m Obsessed

When I wake up the next morning, my complexion is glowing. My skin feels so soft and my pores look non-existent. I’ve noticed that I’m generally breaking out less frequently and if I happen to be dealing with hormonal acne, it pretty much settles down in a day or two.


If you’re looking for clear, radiant skin, this product is worth giving a try. Yes, it’s an extra step in your skin care routine, but it’s easy to incorporate into a regimen and the amazing results are just too good to pass up. If the extra step means delaying jumping into bed by a few seconds, then it’s well worth it.

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