10 Vagina Necklaces That Stranger Things’ Mrs. Wheeler Would Love

A pearl-studded vulva pendant has come to be her signature accessory.

vagina necklaces
Courtesy of Ioanna Liberta, Tatty Devine, and Delve Jewelry Art
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For as long as I can remember (read: the late ‘90s), ‘vagina’ has been considered a dirty word, seldom uttered with confidence in a public setting. But, as we all know, this outdated ideology is not but bullsh*t. The vulva — and all its beautiful bits — is something to be revered and normalized (and pleasured, but that’s a different story)(this story, to be specific).

So, naturally, when I noticed a pearl-studded vulva hanging from Mrs. Wheeler’s neck in the most recent season of Stranger Things, I was in awe. Witnessing her rocking a gorgeous vagina pendant (icon behavior, quite frankly) inspired me to find similarly body positive necklaces. And I was pleased to find a bevy of fabulous styles.

Much like vaginas themselves, each design is unique and beautiful. There are some that make great dupes for Mrs. Wheeler’s — gold-plated, with a pearly clitoris — as well as whimsical, colorful options. Whether you’re drawn to more minimalist designs or prefer louder jewelry, there’s a vagina necklace for everyone.

Undoubtably, there will always be people who’ll cringe at the word alone, and those who would be appalled to see a vulva celebrated in the form of a glimmering charm. But, like seeing Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde free the nipple, it’s empowering to see vaginas worn with pride.

Keep scrolling to check out 10 chic options to choose from.


Like Karen’s necklace, this pretty gold pendant is adorned with an elegant pearl to represent the clitoris.


Calling all my glitter-loving girlies, this glossy pink acrylic necklace is for you.


The only thing that could make the vagina better: dipping it in gold. This 14K yellow gold plated style features a pearl clit and is also available in rose gold and silver.


Featuring a 3D-printed design, this necklace comes in multiple colorways to choose from, including baby pink.


This subtle, yet flashy, charm features a sparkling antique diamond and I couldn’t be more obsessed. Shop this pendant in three different sizes.


An intricate wire style, this beautiful and subtle piece is handcrafted in Italy.


Offered in multiple colors, this necklace features a unique stained glass design with a dried flower in the middle, and a beaded chain.


This fabulous gold pendant is a bit less — um, biological? — than some styles, showing a set of hips studded with a little white diamond.


This dainty piece comes in gold, silver, and copper to suit varying preferences.


Also boasting a tiny diamond clitoris (the best kind, TBH), this pendant is the most realistic-looking pick on the list. Here. For. It.