Vanilla Chrome Nails Are Summer's Hottest Neutral Manicure

A minimalist’s mani with a maximalist twist.

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Vanilla is one of those easily recognizable aromas that is beloved world-wide for being sweet, soft, and oh so comforting to the senses (especially when it comes to nostalgic perfumes and body mists). And similarly when it comes to the world of nail art, anything with the buzz-word “vanilla” in the trend’s name — like the vanilla French manicure, for example — is sure to be perfect for embracing your inner cozy girl in a super low-key way that gives those “quiet luxury” vibes.

Enter the newest manicure go-to for spring and summer: the vanilla chrome manicure, which if you’re at all a frequent scroller on NailTok, you’ll likely know that it’s expected to be one of the biggest trends through the warmer months. What’s more, the #vanillachromenails hashtag currently has over seven million views (and counting), with countless videos of the fashion forward trying their hand at the versatile look.

Expectedly, vanilla chrome nails have that understated softness by way of a vanilla-inspired neutral hue. But what takes this trend to the next level is the chromatic finish, that is no doubt suited for a major mani maximalist, while still being a perfect match for any colorful ‘fit you may put on.

Reminiscent of the ever-popular glazed donut trend, vanilla chrome nails are made unique with a base lacquer shade that has more of a beige, yellow undertone akin to creamy vanilla bean ice cream, rather than a sheer, pinkish nail polish hue. And given that the polish shade beneath the chrome dusting is less transparent and much more opaque than Hailey Bieber’s tried-and-true mani, the finish appears to be a bit more metallic by nature. In other words? It’s a glazed donut feel, but truly taking the trend to the next level with added shine that catches the light.

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