Victoria Beckham's Hairstylist On The Sleek Hairstyle Set To Take Over 2023

And no, it’s not the Posh Bob.

Victoria Beckham sporting the iconic posh bob or POB. She has short blond hair with a long sweeping ...
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

When it comes to 2023 hair trends, the year ahead looks set to deliver a host of statement-making looks with just as interesting names, there’s everything from the Butterfly Cut to Bottleneck Bangs, and something called the Bixie. However, “Half-Up Hair" — which it’s likely you’ll be seeing all over your timeline next year — has a simpler name and experts are already suggesting that its sleek silhouette will be of the most popular looks of next season.

Yes, it might seem a little premature to be getting excited about spring/summer; but with the holiday season fast approaching and #PartyHairstyles gaining over 226 million TikTok video views it’s the perfect moment to fashion-forward your festive styling. Just look at style queen Adele who recently took to the stage of her Las Vegas residency sporting platinum strawberry blonde strands teased into a soft, bouncy, ‘60s-take on the look which models rocked on the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2023 runway. Around the same time, Ariana Grande was spotted on Instagram sporting what her hairstylist, Carl Bembridge described as ‘Half Up Half Down’ hair which he finished with a satin bow.

“It may look simple but the streamlined silhouette and soft, touchable texture of the look is what makes it stand out,” explains Jason Collier, Brand Educator for Jerome Russell and the celebrity hairstylist behind some of Victoria Beckhams’ signature looks. He says the texture of your mane can make or break the soon-to-be trending style. “The look works on any texture, however, if you have very curly hair then boosting manageability with blow-drying makes the process and finish a lot smoother. If you have straight hair, boost volume and texture with a blast of root-boosting spray as you don’t want hair to look flat and lifeless,” says the stylist. He recommends using Bstyled Root Boost Spray.

Once your texture’s good to go, it's time to divide your hair into two sections with the simple step Collier uses to build the shape. He explains: “Use your eyes, brows, and temples as a guide to section off the top part of our hair and then create an imaginary line just about your eye line.” Next, you need to “create your section — and the look’s eye-lifting properties — through pulling that hair to the top of your head and securing tautly with a hair band.” When it comes to giving your Half-Up Hair staying power Collier suggests creating the look on second-day hair, as this is when your natural oils are balanced making it easier for hands and styling products to grasp onto strands. Finish the look with a lightweight hairspray, this will preserves the polish of the look while keeping it soft, modern and flexible rather than overly stiff, as a strong-hold hairspray might.