White Eyeliner Dots Are The Cutest Summer Makeup Trend On TikTok

This one-product technique is so easy to master.

Four white eyeliner dots around the eyes is the latest makeup trend to go viral on TikTok. And lucki...

Gym lips, invisible eyeliner, the Kate Moss contour, slicked buns ... and now — BeautyTokers are using white eyeliner to do the four dots eye trick (or as some call them, the hypnotizing dots).

TikTok is a beauty lover’s playground, with glam hacks emerging every day seemingly out of nowhere and taking the viral platform by storm. The one I’ve been obsessed with lately? An easy, one-product hack that draws all the attention to your eyes. So much so that, allegedly, the effect will cause someone to fall in love with you (though don’t take my word for it).

TikToker Michelle Diaz made the eye-catching trend go viral a few months back — but interest in her signature look is still at an all-time high, with fellow content creators continuing to decorate their eyes with the easy-to-master, truly fool-proof technique. All you’ll need is a highly-pigmented white eyeliner (preferably liquid for added precision) to achieve the subtle, yet brightening, eyes-wide-open look.

With a white liquid liner (Diaz prefers NYX’s Epic Wear Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner), gaze straight into the mirror and begin to place a single dot on your lower lashline (centered with your eye’s pupil), another dot directly above just below your brow, the third white dot at your eye’s inner corner, and the last one on the outer corner, just below where a wing might be.

In a recent tutorial video, Diaz shares: “I decided to start doing this because I don’t really like to wear a lot of eyeshadow and very big eyelashes,” going on to say the four dots are the “easiest way to make your makeup pop.”

Another TikTok creator, Aysha Harun, added a fifth dot on the outer edge of her eyes to elongate the area where a wing would be. She adds in the video’s caption: “the simplest look, but the one I get THE MOST compliments on.”

For my fellow minimalist makeup girls — consider this hack another major win.