The Bustle Ballot

Tributes to the oddities in film in 2021.

Traditional awards shows can only offer so much: Self-congratulatory speeches about the Importance of Cinema, self-congratulatory orchestral medleys, self-congratulatory standing ovations. The problem is clear: When ballots are cast by industry professionals (the Oscars), actors (the SAGs), or a meaningless, entirely random group of foreign individuals (the Golden Globes), the voters are taking film entirely too seriously. Where are the trophies for the performances that baffled, the accents that were memed? The scenes that made audiences squint and squirm and question their sanity? The things they'll remember for years to come?

If no one else will award them, Bustle will. (Yes, it’s very brave.) Here, tributes to the oddities in film in 2021.