12 Active Date Ideas That'll Get You & Your Boo Outside

For when you're bored with movie night.

Active date ideas to try when you're bored with movie night.
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Cozying up with your S.O. on the couch for a pizza and movie night is always a good idea, as is a romantic dinner at your fave local restaurant. However classic these date night activities may be, they can certainly get old. Whether you and your partner crave a little more excitement and adventure or are just itching to get out of the house, you might want to throw some active dates into the mix.

You don’t have to be super athletic or dextrous to enjoy more physical or involved activities on a date with your boo — all you need is an open mind. “Active dates allow you to see your partner in different social situations, which can give you a more well-rounded idea of their personality,” says matchmaker and dating coach Anika Walker. “Most importantly, experiences are what real memories are made of. Being able to experience different things in life helps you grow closer to the person you are with.”

Regardless of the weather or time of year, there are plenty of unique dating activities you can do with your partner that'll get you both out of the house and into memory-making mode. From axe throwing to bumper cars, read on for Walker’s recommendations for active date night ideas to try.



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One of the more obvious yet underrated date ideas is taking a hike. It doesn’t have to be up a steep summit, but even checking out flat local trails with your boo can get you outdoors and active while still offering the chance to spend plenty of quality time enjoying nature together. “Get a nice workout in while catching a sunset — there’s nothing more romantic, simple, and active than that,” Walker tells Bustle.


Bumper Cars

If you’re looking for a fun and nostalgic activity, head to your nearest bumper car rink. Walker says this active date will really bring some silliness into your relationship, and some places — like New York City — even offer seasonal specials like ice bumper cars during the wintertime.


Kite Flying

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If the weather permits, Walker suggests making a romantic date out of heading to the park and flying a kite together. Whether you rent one or pick one out to buy together, this makes for an especially sweet day date. Bonus points for it being a totally Instagrammable activity.


Escape Room

Escape rooms have become all the rage, so you’re bound to find a spot near you — and it’s a date activity that’s particularly fun for the competitive types. It’ll also offer the chance to see how well you and your S.O. work together, especially under pressure.



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If you and your partner have been together for a while and want to get out of town for a weekend on a budget, or if you’d like to jazz up your regular sleepovers with something new, try camping for a night or two. Even if it’s just in your backyard, cuddling up under the stars can make for a great way to connect.



If it’s that time of year, hit the slopes for a snowboarding or skiing winter date. It’s super active, gives you that adrenaline rush, and lets you and your partner spend time outdoors. “Ending the date with some hot cocoa in the lodge would be extremely romantic,” Walker says.


Amusement Park

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Take your boo to a local fair or theme park on your next Saturday together. “You’ll get closer to your date because they will grab your hand on the rollercoaster,” notes Walker. These festivities can provide a full day of fun experiences — and could even make for an ideal double date.



The beach, a park, or even your front porch can all be great locations for an adorable picnic date. Pack up a blanket, your favorite snacks, and maybe a bottle of wine, then get out there and enjoy the sunshine with your S.O.


Bike Riding

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Walker also recommends taking a bike ride with your boo — you can get a good workout in as you laugh while racing or showing off your tricks and skills. You might even discover a cute new ice cream spot or restaurant if you take a long, slow ride around the neighborhood.


Competitive Race

If you’re into physical challenges and fitness, consider signing up for a local 5K or obstacle course competition. “Build up the tension with your date in a competitive workout experience,” Walker says.


Rock Climbing

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Check out a rock climbing gym if you’re in the mood for an active date night and want to impress your date with your strength or persistence. “Rock climbing is a fun way to work out together, and it’s something that’s non-competitive,” says Walker. “It also helps you gain trust in your partner when they’re your spotter.”



If you’re near a calmer body of water, rent a pair of paddleboards and set out for a day outside with your S.O. You can even pack a lunch to enjoy together while sitting out on the water and enjoying the sunset.


Anika Walker, matchmaker and dating coach