8 Morning Workout Benefits That'll Have You Ditching The Snooze Button

You'll actually want to rise and shine.

Fitness experts explain why morning workouts are so good for you.


While the snooze button may seem more appealing, starting your day with exercise has its advantages, says Dr. Rick Richey, Everlast trainer and founder of Independent Training Spot. Prepare to rethink your evening sweat sesh after learning these benefits of morning workouts.


It Wakes You Up

While actually dragging yourself out of bed may never get easier, getting your body moving in the morning can help you feel more alert as you start your day, says Jenny Gaither, master SoulCycle instructor on Equinox+. Take that, coffee.


It Revs Your Energy

A body in motion stays in motion: Research suggests that working out in the morning boosts your activity levels for the rest of the day. Regular exercise can also keep your energy levels high, so you'll be ready to slay the day post-sweat sesh.


It Helps You Stay Focused

Science shows that exercise can help you think clearly and concentrate thanks to extra blood flow to the brain. Why not access those benefits first thing in the morning? Gaither says it can give you clarity all day long.


It Reduces Stress

Nothing relieves stress like sweating it out — science shows that getting your heart pumping releases feel-good chemicals that boost your mood. And starting your morning stress-free can set the right tone for the rest of your day, adds Gaither.


It's Out Of The Way

Looking forward to a virtual happy hour or cooking a fancy dinner after work? Knocking out your exercise first thing in the a.m. means you'll have all evening to do whatever you want, says Richey.

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It Can Help You Be An Early Bird

Are you a night owl that wants to change your ways? Scheduling an a.m. gym sesh might be the ticket, says Richey. Anticipating your workout can help you gradually shift your bedtime earlier until it's second nature to wake up on time.


It Helps You Build A Schedule

Is your routine topsy-turvy now that everything happens at home? Sticking to a regular morning workout can help you create a reliable routine, says Gaither, which can soothe anxiety and encourage better work-life balance.

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It Improves Your Sleep

While your next night of sleep might not be top of mind as you power through a morning workout, routinely exercising in the a.m. can help regulate your sleep quality and schedule so you get quality ZZZs on the regular, says Gaither.

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