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10 Must-Haves For Staying Cool During Summer Workouts

From a cool-down visor to a portable neck fan.

Find cooling workout gear for summer, including sweat-wicking tops and cool-down visors.

Running on the beach, tennis in the park, long walks on a scenic trail: If this sounds like your summer 2021 to-do list, you may feel like you set yourself up for failure now that the season’s in full swing and the heat is 100% on. But there actually is a way to get outside and move your body as much as you want these next couple of months that doesn’t involve melting in the process. Enter: cooling workout gear for before, during, and post-exercise.

These genius products work to block the sun, wick away sweat, and offer a breeze when it feels like a sauna outside. Want to go for a run when the sun is shining? Trade your baseball cap for a visor with cooling technology. Going for a bike ride during a heat wave? Portable neck fans FTW.

Although pouring a bucket of ice over your head mid-workout is always an option, these wearables, towels, and wipes offer effortless, comfortable ways to stay cool (and won’t feel as dramatic). Below, 10 of summer’s hottest workout accessories — you know, minus the actual heat.

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A Wristband That Sends Your Skin Chill Vibes

While it would be nice to have an AC follow you around on your daily walk, Embr Wave 2 is a more realistic — and chicer — alternative. Built with a thermoelectric heat pump, this water-resistant wristband sends your body cool sensations with the press of a button.


A Super Evaporative Towel

Just add water to turn this towel into a total lifesaver after a scorching workout. With an evaporative design, water gets absorbed, and you’ll get a drip-free cool-down for up to four hours per soak.


A Moisture-Wicking Headwrap

Thanks to its patented EvapoTech technology that moves sweat off your skin and into fabric where it’s quickly evaporated, this five-star rated headwrap leaves you feeling at ease while you’re crushing your partner in tennis or doing yoga on the beach.


A Cooling Visor

Feel like dunking your head in a pool during an outdoor workout? With this stretchy visor you can get the same effect — and you won’t have to sneak into your neighbor’s backyard. Once you activate it with water, cooling technology lets you enjoy the chill for up to two hours until you give it another soak.


A Shirt That Lowers Its Temperature When You Sweat

When you start sweating in this shirt, Omni-Freeze Zero technology kicks in to lower the material’s temperature. Along with its UPF 30 sun protection, you can count on a cool run in this top.


A Breathable Hat

Fight the sun, your sweat, and the urge to jump in a freezing shower instead of working out with this lightweight performance hat. With a fast-drying material and a laser-cut side for breathability, you’ll stay dry as you chase down your last mile.


A Crop Top That Keeps You Dry

With a soft knit fabric and mesh ventilation, this crop top wicks away sweat to get you through hard training sessions when it’s a million and six degrees outside. Plus, with its seamless design, you won’t have to worry about chafing.


Socks With Hydrofreeze Technology

Ever wish you had ice packs in your sneakers during a workout on a humid day? Well, now you can — sort of. These antimicrobial socks are made with hydrofreeze technology and mesh ventilation to keep odors away and cold air flowing.


A Portable Neck Fan

When you’re hitting the hiking trails on a boiling day, try this lightweight portable fan that rests around your neck to add instant breeze to your adventure.


Cool-Down Wipes

Made with aloe vera, vitamin E, and witch hazel, these quick-drying wipes are basically a pocket-size shower. They’ll eliminate germs and sweat and replace it with the clean refresh your body deserves after a tough workout.