Explore Fitness TikTok With These 5 Creators

Dancing, deadlifts, and everything in between.

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TikTok fitness influencers dance and work out in videos; follow them for tiktok workout inspiration ...
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You might be on TikTok mostly for the high stakes teen drama (or frog memes and Mandy Patinkin), but there's also some high-key excellent workout content lurking on your For You page. The best fitness influencers on TikTok to follow are just a tap of your finger away.

These max minute-long videos won't let you follow along with an instructor's every yoga flow or kickboxing move, but sometimes you just want a quick burst of "that was so cool" or "ooh, suddenly I'm in the mood to dance" from your workout inspirations. When you want a small snippet of someone's training routine (infused with a lot of quirky humor, because, well... TikTok), you don't need to look much further than FitTok.

You might still be working out at home and want quick ideas of what the heck to do with dumbbells that isn't another set of bicep curls. Or you might be intimidated to head back to your gym and you want to get visual confirmation that yes, wearing a mask while working out can be done while still getting a solid sweat session in. Whatever you're searching for, these five FitTok influencers can help you feel good about working out, no matter how you like to move your own body.

Bongiwe Pinana is a personal trainer whose TikTok brings you a combination of gym workouts (yes, she always wears her mask) and outdoor workouts with little or no equipment. So whatever you've got access to, you're bound to learn something new here.

If you have access to a squat rack and flat bench, watching author and athlete Meg Boggs lift will for sure leave you wanting to crank out your own set of heavy reps. Don't worry, though — when all you've got to work with is that one bare wall at home, she's still got fitness ideas for you (complete with the occasional guest appearance from her little daughter).

Whether you're looking to learn different techniques for working out your legs without equipment or trying to spice up your pushup routine, Dani's TikTok can give you the new ideas you want (not to mention an emphasis on letting yourself have fun with fitness).

Ru is a powerlifter whose skills with a barbell are sure to make you eager to learn all about deadlifting. But if lifting heavy isn't your thing, she's also got plenty of bodyweight-only videos of wholesome fitspiration.

Fitness isn't all about getting down with a barbell — sometimes it's just about getting down. This joyful TikTok account will remind you that working out is, at its core, about finding forms of movement that make you most happy... and then dancing it out.

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