21 Flirty Texts To Send After A Good First Date

From cheeky to sappy.

examples of flirty texts to send after a first date.
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If post-vax dating were an Olympic sport, you’d surely get the gold. You didn’t just meet someone you’re actually into. You managed to ask them for drinks, find a bar you both like, and have an awesome night out. So as you’re getting ready for round two, knowing some flirty texts to send after a first date can help you seal the deal.

According to Trina Leckie, dating expert and host of the Breakup BOOST podcast, flirty texting after a first date can nip any post-date overthinking. Rather than wondering if they liked you or stewing over the bad joke you made, hearing that they also had a good time can make you feel at ease.

“Texting can build confidence and make people feel more secure,” Leckie tells Bustle. “You want to ensure the other person knows you had a good time and hopefully get the same feedback from them.”

Additionally, Leckie shares that post-date texting can maintain your momentum. “It’s an opportunity to flirt and get excited for the next date too,” she says.

So what do you say? Below, you’ll find 21 texts to send after a good first date.


Listened to Olivia Rodrigo the whole way home. I’ll have to find something equally life-changing to show you.

If your crush recommended music, a new coffee place, or an exhibit at the art museum, let them know you remembered and made a point to check it out.


Officially home, showered, moisturized, and in my jammies. Thanks for a great night.

A little consideration goes a long way. Let your date know you made it in safely while giving them a little taste of what they’re missing.


Are you free Saturday night? I have an idea…

If you’re looking to be extra cheeky, Leckie suggests hinting at what your next plans are.


Trying to get through these Zoom meetings, but I’m Googling the best Ethiopian places for our next date.

If you’re ignoring all your emails to daydream about making out, let your crush know you can’t wait to see them again.


I didn’t want tonight to end.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little sappy, especially if you felt a connection. Leckie notes that laying your cards on the table may make it easier for your date to do the same.


You’re super cute and I had a lot of fun tonight.

While you may feel pressure to write the perfect message, Meredith Golden, dating expert and founder of Darma Dating, says not to overthink it. “Stick to short and simple,” Golden tells Bustle.


Thank you for tonight, our date definitely made my week.

During a long week of work or school, let them know they made everything better.


I’m already looking forward to seeing you again.

Whether you already made solid plans for date two or just mentioned it as you parted ways, Leckie says that being straightforward and earnest about your excitement will make your date feel great.


If this was date one, I can only imagine what next time will be like.

If you bar hopped, went dancing, and then ended the night with karaoke, it may be hard to top your first date. Still, let them know you’re down to try.


Maybe next time we can do some yoga together.

If your date mentioned their workout routine or a sushi place they love, suggest it for your next date.


Let me know when you’re free next week.

You may already be planning your destination wedding on the coast of Greece, but Leckie recommends letting your connection evolve gradually. “Keep it light,” Leckie says. “Don’t get too far ahead of yourself by talking too far into the future.” Try a text that’s simple and straight to the point.


Just wanted to say hi and see what you’re up to tomorrow night.

For Mindie Barnett, host of The Race for the Ring, there’s no perfect formula for texting a date. "There is no 'right time' — if you're authentic, that’s all that matters,” Barenett previously told Bustle. If it’s been a few days, let them know you’re thinking about them.


Going out last night was awesome... You know, I’ve always had a thing for scientists.

Whether your crush ordered the best apps or knew everything about old movies, let them know you’re buying what they’re selling.


OK, I walked by that smoothie place, and you were totally right, it’s on Front, not Main. Guess I owe you a beer.

If you jokingly argued about what actor played a certain role or where a certain restaurant was, let them know they were right (or wrong!) and make plans to settle your bet.


I am *still* laughing at your story about the dog. I love your sense of humor!

While you may want to tell them you like their smoking hot bod, Leckie suggests keeping things G-rated. Complimenting their personality — like how intelligent or funny they are — is a sweet way to show that you’re interested.


OK, I just got home and thought about a cuter date outfit to wear...guess we’ll have to go out again.

If you and your date bonded over fashion, let them know you’re already thinking about what to wear next.


So, are you super into me already or do we need to go out again?

If you’re feeling flirty and a little frisky, put the ball in their court.


What was the name of that cookbook I need to get? Maybe I could borrow it to make something for you.

Whether you talked about music, working out, or the best soil for indoor plants, touching back on your convo shows your crush you’re thinking about them. “Ask a question about a topic that was discussed,” Golden says.


Two episodes in, and I already have a page of phone notes about Succession. We must meet again to discuss.

If your date recommended a show or movie, let them know you watched it and suggest meeting up to chat.


The wildest thing happened at work today but I have to tell you in person. You free this week?

A cliff-hanger keeps everyone interested. Let them know you have a story for them and make plans to spill.


Eating leftovers from last night. Our date just keeps on giving.

If you’re stilling wearing your clothes from the night before, let them know you’re still thinking about your date.


Trina Leckie, dating expert and host of the ‘Breakup BOOST podcast’

Meredith Golden, dating expert and founder of Darma Dating

Mindie Barnett, host of ‘The Race for the Ring’