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40 Fun Date Ideas To Spice Up Every Relationship

Nothing is too out-of-the-box when you're with your favorite person.

40 Fun Date Ideas To Spice Up Every Relationship
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Between balancing work, managing busy schedules, and saving money for future expenses, it’s easy to deprioritize your relationship and let date night fall by the wayside. Luckily, there are plenty of unique activities, romantic excursions, and intimate experiences that can take quality time with your partner to the next level, so you won’t have to go to the same three restaurants anymore. Whether you’re in a date night rut or want to make a good impression on a new fling, these 40 fun date ideas can help spice up your love life.

Making plans for date night doesn’t get any easier the longer you’re in a relationship. If anything, you’re probably more likely to fall into a routine as time passes, or even abandon the romance altogether. But quality time is a crucial part of maintaining a solid relationship, so if you’re in need of a date night revamp, consider expanding your horizons by taking classes, embarking on adventures, and opening yourself up to new recreations that you normally wouldn’t try.

Ahead, three experts share the best fun date ideas to try with your other half, regardless of the time of year or how long you’ve been together.


Take A Pottery Class

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If neither of you has ever made pottery before, spend an afternoon learning about the art form and see what happens. Even if you’re not the best in the class, you’ll still get to walk away with something you created together.


Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

You might think you’ve explored your city top to bottom, but you’d be surprised how much there is to do. That’s why Devyn Simone, matchmaker and Tinder’s resident relationship expert, recommends traveling around your town as if you were a tourist, visiting new bars and exhibits along the way.

“It can be fun to explore your surroundings with a fresh set of eyes,” says Simone. “If you’re familiar with the area, try doing all of the touristy things (i.e. monuments, museums, restaurants) you haven’t visited since you were a kid. If you’re new to the area, select 4 or 5 places you’re excited to see and make a day out of it with your date.”


Go Indoor Rock Climbing

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of date night by taking your partner to an indoor rock climbing park filled with exciting courses and fun activities.


Create Your Own LEGOs

Pro tip: TikTok is fantastic for date night inspo. That’s where the “LEGO date night” trend began, which encourages couples to visit a LEGO store and create their own look-alike figures.


Cook A Three-Course Meal Together

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes the simplest ideas, like cooking a meal together, are the best.

“Write down three starters, mains, and desserts on individual sticky notes,” says Simone. “Have your partner choose one random sticky note from the three categories to cook together at home. This will put cooking abilities to the test and give couples the chance to make a meal they love (and bond while doing so)!”


Host A Movie Night

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If you and your partner are looking for an excuse to spend an evening at home, you can always host a movie marathon and screen each person’s favorite film with snacks, of course.


Attend A Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are an inherently romantic and naturally intimate setting for your next date night. Who knows — maybe you’ll leave with a new favorite variety.


Visit A Psychic

Even if you’re a skeptic, meeting with a psychic will make for a memorable date night. “Skip the small talk and start the date by having a psychic predict both of your futures,” says certified Life & Relationships coach Jarryd Boyd. “Afterward, talk about what was most exciting and least surprising for each of you.”


Visit a Trampoline Park

An adrenaline-filled visit to a trampoline park or adventure course makes for a fun date night, says Damona Hoffman, certified dating coach and author of F the Fairy Tale. “It's a great way to break the ice, bond over shared laughter, and release any pent-up energy in a fun and active environment,” the expert tells Bustle.


Trip To The Zoo

Channel your inner child and spend a day at the zoo with your boo. There are plenty of exhibits and installations to explore, and you’re never too old to admire the lions.


Have A Bonfire

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If the weather permits, a backyard bonfire can encourage you and your partner to unplug for a night and just enjoy each other’s company.


Go Road Tripping

You don’t have to travel far to embark on a new adventure. According to Simone, taking a road trip with your beau will give you some insight into their travel habits and allow you to bond in a new environment.

“Pick a place around two to four hours away which neither of you has been and map out the journey together,” says Simone. “You can try new restaurants, go for a hike, or do some shopping. The time away will help you focus on one another and strengthen your partnership skills.”


Try Couples Yoga

You don’t have to be a yoga expert to participate in couples yoga. According to Hoffman, this is a great option for partners looking to improve their communication, strengthen their trust, and want a fun, sensual activity every now and then.


Go Axe-Throwing

Why go to a regular bar when you can go to an axe-throwing bar? Little changes like this to your routine will go a long way in your relationship.


Trivia Night

Teamwork makes the dream work and a great way to put yours to the test is with a trivia night, as it “encourages friendly competition and intellectual stimulation in a social setting,” per Hoffman.


Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride

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With gorgeous views and scenic sunsets, a hot air balloon ride can help take your relationship to new heights — literally and figuratively.


Take A Cooking Class

Experiential dates are always a good idea and don’t always have to be adventurous. A cooking class goes a long way because it not only gets you out of the house, but you can apply the skills you learn to future date nights. “Cooking is a great hands-on and shared experience that also inspires you to talk about childhood memories and family traditions,” says Boyd.


Attend An Open Mic Night

If you’re looking to really get out of your comfort zone, participating in an open mic is the way to go, per Hoffman. “Sharing your talents with one another and overcoming stage fright can give you a rush of adrenaline that’s great for intimacy,” says the expert.


Let Loose At An Arcade

Believe it or not, a trip to the arcade can actually be good for your relationship. “Arcades give you the chance to be childlike with your date and are very nostalgic,” says Boyd. “People also gravitate to specific games based on their interests and strengths, so you learn more about them.”


Host A Game Night

If you and your other half prefer to keep things low-key, a game night can elevate a date from an ordinary date to a memorable change of pace.


Stroll Around A Museum

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With gorgeous artwork, impressive architecture, and plenty of opportunities for photo ops, there’s nothing more romantic than a museum. “Walk through a museum you’ve never been to and create stories about each art piece,” Boyd suggests. “It can show you a lot about each other’s humor.”


Visit A Jazz Club

Nothing makes date night feel more exciting than live music, so spending an evening at a jazz club is a great way to mix things up. “Checking out your local jazz club is a fun excuse to get dressed up, sip on some good cocktails or mocktails, and take in a new genre of music that perhaps you and your partner don’t often listen to together,” says Simone.


Rent A Tandem Bike

It might sound cheesy, but taking a tandem bike ride around town with your significant other can actually make for a sweet afternoon activity.


Paint & Sip

An easy way to elevate your usual Friday night drinks is with a paint-and-sip class that’ll allow you to tap into your creative side while splitting a bottle of wine. If the popular trend hasn’t made it to your city yet, you can always host your own paint and sip at home, says Simone.


Go Stargazing

When was the last time you went stargazing? If you can’t remember, you’re probably due for a starry date night, says Boyd.


Go Ice Skating

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An ice skating date is always a good idea, no matter the time of year. Indoor skating rinks do exist, after all.


Visit An Aquarium

Aquariums are not only educational, but the low-lighting and cool fish tanks will make for a pretty great backdrop for your next IG post, too.


Go Rollerskating

Sure, rollerskating isn’t easy — but according to Boyd, that’s the point. “Enjoy the vibes of good music while rollerskating together, and laugh at yourself if you fall,” says the expert. “People love to see their dates be vulnerable and not take themselves too seriously.”


Couples Massage

If experiential dates are what you’re looking for, a class that teaches you and your partner how to massage one another is definitely the way to go, says Simone. Or, if you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, you can always get a treatment together instead. “A great massage puts you in a state of relaxation which can make you feel more open and connected to one another,” the expert says.


Go To A Pool Bar

A friendly game of pool never hurt, especially if it’s a “low-pressure one-on-one competition with a sneakily flirty undertone,” says Boyd.


DIY Spa Night

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A low-cost way to spice up date night is to host a DIY spa day at home, featuring plenty of massages, face masks, warm towels, and no distractions.


Attend A Comedy Show

Whether you need a good laugh, or you’re just looking for an excuse to hang out with your beau, a comedy show presents an “excellent opportunity to unwind, bond, and be entertained in each other's company,” per Simone.


Try An Escape Room

Simone suggests challenging your communication skills with a classic escape room date. “Test your teamwork and problem-solving skills by tackling an escape room together,” says the expert. “It's a thrilling and immersive experience that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.”


Go Horseback Riding

Luckily you don’t need to be a trained equestrian to go horseback riding, because you and your partner can take a stroll with a guide around a local ranch or track.


Take A Dance Class

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A dance class can loosen you both up and push you outside your comfort zone. “They say your moves on the dance floor speak volumes about your moves in the bedroom,” says Simone. “While the truth behind that is up for debate, your ability to move in sync while dancing can be indicative of your ability to work smoothly as a team in real life. Neither of you has to be a world-class dancer to enjoy this!”


Visit A Planetarium

You’d be surprised how fun a trip to the planetarium can be as an adult. It’s like going to the movies and stargazing all in one.


Embark On A Sunset Cruise

Whether you’re on a first date or celebrating a major anniversary, a sunset cruise filled with good drinks and even better views is a surefire way to impress your date, says Boyd.


Take A Ghost Tour

It might sound scary, but Hoffman and her husband have found that ghost tours can be a fun change of pace, as they are usually “full of laughs, stories, and thrills that are more exciting than most date nights.”


Have A Karaoke Night

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Who said date night had to consist of fancy dinners and expensive champagne? Spending an evening at a karaoke bar can be just as memorable and a lot more fun. Plus, you can see how well you two perform a duet.


Engage In Volunteer Work

A simple way to make date night even more special is to give back to your community, says Simone. “Volunteer together at a local charity or organization — it's a meaningful way to bond while making a positive impact,” says the expert.

Devyn Simone, matchmaker and Tinder’s Resident Relationship Expert

Damona Hoffman, certified Dating Coach and author of F The Fairy Tale

Jarryd Boyd, certified Life & Relationships coach