9 Groin Stretches Fitness Pros Recommend

It's a hotspot for tightness.

The best inner thigh and groin stretches, according to fitness experts.


The groin is made up of your lower abs, inner thighs, and hip adductor muscles, says yoga instructor Jenni Hackworth. If you sit for too long or do lower body workouts, this area can feel tight and sore — and might even pull or strain. These groin stretches will keep it flexible.


Leg Swings

Hackworth recommends stretching the groin 3x a day if you sit a lot. She also says to do dynamic groin stretches like these before a workout.

- Plant one foot.

- Swing your other leg back and forth to open hip adductors.

- Swing for 30 seconds.

- Repeat on other leg.