TikTok's Grumpy Girl Stomp Is Here For Your Moody Days

TFW hot girl walks just aren't the vibe.

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When you’re feelin’ yourself, you can go on a hot girl walk. When you want to be fancy, you can go on a rich mom Walk. But if you’re in a mood, and the notion of being hot or happy or fancy seems far outside your grasp, then a grumpy girl stomp might feel just right.

TikTok user @madiwood_ wasn’t vibing with the hot girl walk either one day, and that’s how the grumpy girl stomp came to be. Unlike a hot girl walk, which has you strut around town to a sexy playlist, a grumpy girl stomp is all about hiding behind sunglasses and a baseball hat as you take a gloomy stroll. According to Wood’s TikTok, it’s the best thing to do if you “feel gross” but still understand that getting fresh air is “gOoD 4 yOu”.

Judging by the onslaught of likes, over 50,000 people seem to relate. One commenter chimed in to say “this is my aesthetic” while another said “definitely going on one of these after work today.” Doing the least when you’re in a bad mood? Count me in, too.

While a grumpy girl stomp — or any walk, for that matter — won’t always magically cure a bad mood, there’s plenty of science to back up the idea that walking outside and getting fresh air really can make you feel better. Sigh...

The Grumpy Girl Stomp

According to licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Linda Baggett, Ph.D., studies have shown that exercise is a natural mood booster thanks to the way it releases “feel-good” endorphins, and also a well-known way to manage stress. And yes, even a casual “stomp” about town can do the trick, since walking works your muscles and gets your heart rate up.

Stepping (or stomping) out can provide a nice distraction from whatever’s annoying you, too. Baggett says walking is an easy way to the “change the channel” in your mind so you can (maybe, possibly) start to turn your bad mood around. You can go for a grumpy girl stomp to get out of a rut, to blow off some steam, or for a quick reset, too.

Even if you can’t fully appreciate anything because you’re feeling some type of way, it’ll help to take in the sights and sounds as you saunter. “Feel the sun or the breeze, notice flowers and buildings, hear birds or traffic, smell grass or the smells wafting from a bakery, etc.,” Baggett says. “Humans soothe themselves by engaging the senses, so when you do an activity that activates multiple senses, it’s inherently soothing.” As annoying as that may sound to a grumpy girl, she is right. Ugh.

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Dr. Linda Baggett, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist

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