TikTok's "Rich Mom Walk" Is The Chicest Way To Stroll

Tinx is onto something.

The benefits of a rich mom walk, TikTok's chicest workout trend.

If you’ve already been on a hot girl walk, it may be time to throw a cardigan over your shoulders, buy a cow’s milk latte, and stroll around town with the air of someone who just left a private tennis lesson. Enter TikTok’s newest walking trend: the rich mom walk.

The rich mom walk was coined by Christina Najjar, aka Tinx, a TikToker with over 1.5 million followers, and is known, in part, for her hilarious “rich mom starter pack” videos. In them, she describes in perfect detail the lifestyle of stereotypical rich moms and everything they do, wear, and think about in a day. These ladies run businesses, wear the fanciest labels, agonize over their children’s birthday parties — oh, and they have all the time in the world to indulge in the finest forms of self-care.

To turn this vibe into a rich mom walk, one must simply step out the front door the way a rich mom might leave her penthouse on the upper east side — even if you totally can’t relate — waltz around town, and luxuriate. "Being a rich mom — it's a lifestyle. It's an attitude. You can be a rich mom, whoever you are," Najjar told Town & Country magazine. "It's really more of an attitude of living well, getting a lot done, and having fun doing it."

And that’s great for the rest of us. You don’t have to live somewhere fancy, have a ton of money, or countless hours of free time to partake in wellness culture or soak up all the benefits of self-care. All you need are a few spare moments, a rich-mom attitude, and the desire to pop outside for a walk.

What Is A Rich Mom Walk?

Walking has become a go-to form of exercise and self-care, especially on FitTok. And it’s with good reason: According to Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist, “walking can create the mental space necessary to process thoughts and feelings,” which is why it feels so good to walk when you’re stressed.

You don’t have to bop around town for hours, either. “Research shows that a mere 12-minute walk has significant mood-boosting effects,” Manly says. “Beyond lifting your spirits, walks give you time to enjoy ‘being in your body’ and foster connection with the greater world as a whole.” (Even more so if you stop in a coffee shop to gab with the barista.)

“For those who feel lonely or isolated, walking can create a sense of greater connection with the world,” Manly adds. “The sights and sounds — from people, dogs, birds, and store windows— can be uplifting and connective.” It can make you feel accomplished, too. Go for a rich mom walk, and you can effectively check “working out” off your to-do list.

If that means walking downtown to peek into the windows of your favorite clothing boutique, so be it. If it means drifting into a bakery to buy a croissant, even better. You don’t have to drop cash on a rich mom walk — you merely have to exude the aura of a woman with a country club membership and an enviable Lily Pulitzer dress collection.

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