9 Reasons To Try Power Yoga

Meet the more fast-paced vinyasa.

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While some types of yoga classes are slow and relaxed, power yoga is all about momentum, says certified instructor Kira Sloane. In this practice, you quickly transition from one deep stretch to the next — without any breaks. Here, the power yoga benefits to know about.

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More Strength

Power yoga classes tend to feature lots of tough poses that challenge your body strength — think planks, side planks, push-ups, and lunges, says certified yoga teacher Mimi Ghandour. Flow through these moves often enough, and you will get stronger.

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Increased Stamina

The fast pace of the practice may be tiring, but pushing through is what will help you build stamina — both mentally and physically. “During a power class, you are challenging your body by holding postures for what might feel like an eternity,” Ghandour says.

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Decreased Stress

Another benefit of power yoga is reduced stress, Ghandour says, thanks to the mindfulness you practice as you match your breath to each posture. Yoga instructor Brett Larkin says the post-sweaty-workout endorphin rush helps, too.

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Mental Clarity

The practice will also increase your mental clarity and focus, says yoga pro Camai Brandenberg. While you’ll see an improvement in strength if you keep practicing two to three times a week, she says, other benefits — like this one — can happen right away.

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Reduced Risk Of Injury

Power yoga is all about speed, which helps your body warm up — and this primes your muscles and joints to move through their full range of motion, Sloane says. So the swift vinyasa practice leads to better mobility and a decreased risk of injury.

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Better Circulation

By linking your movements to breath — specifically through Ujjayi breathing (aka yoga breath) — Ghandour says you’ll help pump blood throughout your body and increase circulation. And better blood flow is key to your overall health.

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Improved Flexibility

A consistent practice will make you more flexible, too. While that’s true for any form of yoga, Ghandour says the heat generated by your body in power yoga, plus how long you hold each pose, will help your muscles get used to deeper stretches.

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Low Impact

Though power yoga is a vigorous workout, Larkin says it’s still considered a low-impact form of exercise. That makes it a great choice if you’re looking to avoid things like running or HIIT.

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More Energy

Power yoga is a great way to get your blood pumping. Add in the fact some power yoga classes play fun music, and you’re bound to feel more energized by the time you step off your mat.