How To Start A Yoga Routine If You’ve Never Done It Before, According To Experts

Syda Productions/Shuttershock

Getting a yoga or meditation routine going is not as easy as Instagram can make it seem. Many of us say we want to incorporate yoga or meditation into our daily routines, but putting that into practice and maintaining it for the long haul isn't always that simple. Beginning any new activity almost always comes with a learning curve, but before you quit yoga and meditation for good, there are a few tricks to know to help you start a yoga routine and actually make it stick.

There's no denying that in recent years, yoga and meditation have become trendy activities. But there's a reason behind it: Studies have shown regular meditation can help with anxiety, improve your concentration for years, ease pain, and boost your cognitive health overall. Recent studies even suggest meditation can improve your sex life by cranking your orgasms up a notch (yes, for real!). Yoga also has brain-boosting effects, releases endorphins, and can even reduce levels of inflammation in the body.

So, as difficult as meditation and yoga can feel when you're a beginner, the health benefits of these practices you can do at home, or in a class, definitely make trying to get them down worth it. If you're struggling with establishing yoga and meditation as a daily practice, here are 8 tips from experts that will help get you started.