11 Yoga With Adriene Classes That'll Stretch Your Entire Body

Time to get bendy.

Work through these Yoga With Adriene stretch videos to lengthen your entire body.
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If your body is officially as tight and stiff as the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, one of the best things you can do is pull out a yoga mat. When you’re flowing through multiple bendy poses (or asanas, in yoga speak) your entire practice ends up feeling like a revitalizing stretch session — aka WD-40 for your body, basically. And you know where you can find a ton of videos on the matter? Yoga With Adriene.

The ever-so-popular YouTube channel, run by certified yoga instructor Adriene Mishler, has entire workout playlists dedicated to stretch flows, as well as videos that zero in on the parts of the body that tend to get the achiest. Whether you have tight hamstrings, stiff shoulders, or a sore neck or back, Mishler’s got a feel-so-good stretch class for you. (Because, besides being an awesome mind-body workout, yoga doubles as an effective way to wring out your body.)

In her videos, Mishler recommends stretching on a regular basis, both to shake out the tension that accumulates from sitting for too long as well as to relieve stiffness that can occur after an intense workout sesh. So moving through these yoga videos can do the trick post-gym class, after a jog, or whenever you just need to unwind tightness.

Whether you want a quick 10-minute flow that targets your shoulders or a 30-minute session designed to stretch your entire body, just remember to take Mishler’s advice and have fun as you give your muscles some TLC. Here, 11 Yoga With Adriene stretch classes to try the next time you’re feelin’ stiff.


Full-Body Stretching

This full-body flow moves you through deep stretches for the legs, back, and hips via child’s pose, long lunges, and a really bendy “cow face” pose. It’s 45 minutes long, so you’re bound to feel refreshed — and fully stretched — by savasana.


For The Hamstrings

This one’s all about stretching out those hammies (you know, the muscles down the backs of your legs that feel extra tight whether you ran a marathon or finished a Netflix binge). With the help of an exercise band, big forward folds, and other back-body poses, Mishler ensures you’ll leave the mat feeling more lengthened and limber.


Hips & Lower Back Release

Get ready to sit tall on your mat, reach for your toes, and do “froggy poses” in this 23-minute long sequence that focuses on tight hips. After moving through twists and leg circles, your hips should feel brand new.


Neck & Back Stretches

Ten minutes is all you need to get the kinks out of your shoulders, neck, and upper back. These are, after all, the areas that tend to tense up when you’re stressed out and/or looking at a computer screen all day. Mishler’s guided moves will help relieve all that discomfort and increase your range of motion through shoulder rolls, twists, and the always-amazing “thread the needle” pose to relax the upper back.


Mini Stretch Break

For the perfect midday stretching, this 14-minute “office break yoga” sesh will get you up and moving around — even if you don’t have a mat or yoga pants handy. The mountain poses, eagle arms, and ragdoll folds are designed to refresh the body and mind, after which you can carry on with the rest of your day with renewed focus.


Travel Stretches

If you’ve been sitting on a plane, train, or automobile for decidedly too long, be sure to shake things out with this quickie post-travel stretch flow as soon as you can. These poses all target the butt, back, and legs (think figure-four stretches, seated forward fold, and spine rolls) — remember to breathe into each stretch and before you know it, you’ll feel like yourself again.


Post-Run Stretch

Just hopped off the treadmill? Then do Mishler’s seven-minute post-run stretch. This particular video brings you an efficient way to cool down and help your body recover via pigeon pose, cat/cows, and side bends. Tack it onto your workout routine to build stamina and help prevent injuries.


Casual Stretch Flow

This 20-minute stretch routine features pigeon pose to target your hips, a supine twist to release your back muscles, and a wide cobbler’s pose to stretch tight inner thighs. You’ll feel like jelly by the end — in a good way.


Yoga For Flexibility

Most of the stretches in this yoga flow involve poses where you’re lying on your back, so if you’re tired of endless downward dog and chaturanga-heavy sun salutations, this one’s for you. The sequence targets your entire body and creates space, leaving you with a little more flexibility. You’ll move through hamstring stretches, half-happy baby, and seated folds for some muscle lengthening.


Back & Hamstrings Session

If it feels like your body is made of cement, then hop down onto the mat and give this stretchy 30-minute flow a try. You’ll do reclined tree pose, half stirrup, and an excellent “sleeping Vishnu pose” to help things loosen up.


Back Pain Stretches

This 30-minute flow is chock full of stretches meant for backaches, like child’s pose, leg circles, and supine twists. And it ends with the best pose of all: corpse pose, or savasana — use that time to check in and see if your spine feels better.