Hydration Tip: Only Drink Out Of Chic Water Bottles

Hear me out.

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Drinking water doesn’t come easily to everyone, and people tend to have different strategies that keep them hydrated. There’s a whole class of water-haters who find that H2O makes them gag, many of whom add flavor. Others rely on massive jugs with notches drawn on them to indicate how much they should be drinking every two hours. For me, it all comes down to the perfect water bottle.

I definitely glug closer to my recommended amount of 60 ounces of water a day when I’ve got my favorite Nalgene on hand. If my husband pours me water in one of our less appealing plastic glasses that show dishwasher wear, it tastes more like a$s than the refreshing Elixir of Life. I’ll usually take a few sips and give the rest to my dog.

I’m not the only one with this tendency, and some people take it a step further by exclusively using water bottles with built-in straws. “I’m lazy so I have to have easy access,” says Beatrice, 31. Alexis, 25, also prefers bottles that come with their own straws — the Stanley Quencher Cup, specifically. “I actually have four of them,” she tells Bustle. “I legit travel with my huge water bottle when I can fit it because I know it’ll help me drink more water.” Becca, 32, is the same, though prefers her light pink tumbler. “The glasses I have at home have a wide mouth, and I prefer a smaller hole.”

Seeing as proper hydration is a wellness goal for many people (especially water-haters), having a cute bottle you love could be key. It’s like playing a mind game with yourself, the adult equivalent of a parent telling their baby broccoli is so yummy and eating it themselves before feeding it to their kid. We’re all just a bunch of big babies anyway.

Besides, if you find a chic-enough water bottle, it could become a status symbol of sorts. Think of it as a portable, life-giving work of art. I mean, don’t you want to be the first person in your friend group with the TikTok-viral Frank Green water bottle?

Feeling thirsty? Got you — keep scrolling to shop some of the most aesthetically pleasing water bottles around. Then try and tell me you won’t stay more hydrated with your gorgeous, gorgeous vessel.

The Balletcore Buy

Personally, I’m going to drink more water out of a pink bottle than a white one.

For The Minimalist

If you like to keep things simple, stick with an understated Hydro Flask, which comes with a handle for easy portability.

To Claim You’re Josh Safdie’s Other Muse

Flex your eclectic taste with a water bottle from A24, the indie film and TV production house.

For The Diva Of The Friend Group

This rhinestone-studded water bottle has a chain strap so it can literally be toted around like a designer bag — and it was designed by Paris Hilton herself, the queen of everything extra.

When You Can’t Pick One Color

Get your hands on TikTok’s water bottle du jour. It’s available in solid colors, but why wouldn’t you opt for the chrome rainbow option?

The Festival-Appropriate Bottle

Straw fiends can partake in Stanley Quencher mania with this dreamy tie-dye tumbler that’s fit for a weekend at Coachella.