9 Game-Changing Productivity Tips From Life Coaches

Step one: Clean your desk.

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Try these productivity tips from life coaches.
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Maybe you’re having trouble motivating to work, or perhaps you don’t know where to start on your endless to-do list. When it comes to getting stuff done, finding your groove can be tricky — luckily, these brilliant productivity tips from life coaches are here to help.


Get Rid Of Clutter

If your desk is drowning in papers, you can feel overwhelmed before you even start working, says transformational coach Julie Reisler. Organizing your space can thus help work itself feel more manageable. Her tip? Play your fave songs and have a cleaning party.

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Procrastinate With Purpose

Turn your procrastination into productivity by first tackling another item on your to-do list that you feel less resistant towards, says business coach Magalie René. Once you can’t procrastinate any longer, your checklist will be that much shorter.

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Prioritize Self-Care

It can be hard to set aside precious time for self-care, but you’ll benefit in the long run if you do, says career coach Emily Golden. Sleep, eat well, and take time to relax — after all, when’s the last time you were productive when you were hangry or tired?


Practice Devotion, Not Discipline

"Discipline" has an air of obligation, which René says can make you feel pressured or overwhelmed. Her solution? Practice devotion instead. Dedicating yourself to achieving your goals is far more motivating (and more pleasant, anyways).

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Define Your Goals

The journey is easier when you can see the destination, says Golden. Define where you want to be in a year or so, then set smaller goals to help you get there. Hitting those milestones will feel so much sweeter knowing you’re a step closer to your dream.

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No one is good at everything, so if possible, delegate tasks that are beyond your expertise to free yourself up for the jobs you can do well. “Work on the work you do best and find others to work on the work they do best,” says Golden. “Everybody wins.”

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Set Priorities

Everyone dies with an unfinished to-do list, quotes René, so don’t get so sucked into your never-ending tasks that you forget to live life. She suggests focusing on just 1-3 tasks per day and then celebrating once they're done to keep you inspired and energized.


Use A Buddy

It can be hard to hold yourself accountable, so outside help is a smart option. Golden recommends enlisting a friend, coach, or even an app to remind you of your goals or encourage you to focus, because sometimes external motivation is the most effective.


Use Color

Use markers, colorful stickers, or — perhaps the most exciting — gel pens to take notes or write your to-do list. Not only does this help you visualize what you need to accomplish, but the colors subconsciously signal that these tasks will be fun, says Reisler.

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