21 Texts To Send When You Think You're About To Get Ghosted

“10s don’t get left on read.”

BJI / Blue Jean Images/blue jean images/Getty Images

It’s a tale as old as time: You meet someone cute, you go on a string of fun dates, and right when you start to feel a real connection with them, they leave you on read for three weeks — making you question everything you thought you knew about love and contemplate joining a convent. Before you throw your phone in a blender and give up on dating forever, these 21 texts to send when you think you're about to get ghosted will help you speak your piece and set the record straight.

When the sparks start to fly with a new cutie, being left in the lurch can be super disappointing. After putting on real pants to meet someone for a drink, the least they can do is text you back in a timely manner. While ghosting can feel incredibly isolating, the majority of daters have been through it. According to a 2020 survey from Hinge, a whopping 91% of Hinge users report being ghosted. Though you may never be able to change a human trashbag with no regard for others, you can certainly stick up for yourself. You also can encourage open and honest communication with the people you date — even as you’re calling it off.

From jumping the conversation to a respectful rejection, here are 21 texts for when you see ghosting on the horizon.


Seems like our communication has been drifting a little bit. You still into this?

“Thumbs up” react, so I know it’s real.


It's been fun texting, but I'd love to meet up again.

I’m looking for a partner, not a pen pal.


I’m getting tired of all my workout playlists. Have any good music recs?

By “workout,” I mean music to make banana bread to.


You wouldn’t *believe* what my roommate did today.

They wore sweatpants and sighed about Zoom meetings.


Want to get pizza tonight?

It’s a little more than grabbing a drink, but not quite a dinner date.


I’m feeling some distance here. We don't have to keep talking if you're not interested.

If you’re looking for the exit sign, this is it.


This has been really fun, but I think we’re looking for different things.

As in, I’m looking for someone who knows how to use a phone.


10s don’t get left on read.

In the immortal words of Lizzo, if he don’t love you anymore, then walk your fine a*s out the door.


I’ve been having fun with you, but I lose interest when we don’t talk for weeks.

You post stories about your pre-workout drink every day. I know you’re on your phone.


Hey, if you’re not feeling it anymore, you have to let me know. This guessing game isn’t fun.

Poor communication isn’t cute.


I know we joked about me being a witch, but I can’t really read minds.

Although, I wish I could.


We don’t have to date, but I do want my copy of Dog Songs back.

You don’t deserve Mary Oliver.


It’s been a minute, what have you been up to?

If you haven’t texted me, you must be pretty busy.


I’m getting the sense you’re looking for something more casual than I am. I wish you the best.

There’s casual, then there’s straight-up careless.


I take it you’re better at IRL conversation than texting. Want to get coffee?

Perhaps you’re bad at both.


I’m getting mixed signals from you and I want to know where you’re at.

Let the record show that you said you’d call me.


Hey, I’m super into you and thought we had a connection. Totally cool if that’s changed, but I’d appreciate knowing what’s up.

You literally asked me to meet your mom. So, this is confusing.


I was just thinking about you the other day. My roommates got takeout from that Sichuan place that you love. How are you?

In case we never talk again: Thank you for showing me that restaurant.


I’m not sure what happened, but I don’t do hot and cold. Good luck out there.

It’s all fun and games until you ask me out, then ignore me for three weeks.


It seems you’re pretty busy these days. Hit me up if you ever want to grab a drink.

I won’t be waiting around for you to call.


Did you finally throw your phone in the ocean and move to the woods?

The dream.


How did that big meeting go?

See how I remember the things you tell me and then ask about them? A concept.