TikTok's "Thirsty Girl Mocktail" Is Here To Hydrate You

It's all about the electrolytes.

While it makes sense to chug water as a way to stay hydrated, your go-to thirst-quenching beverage needs to contain the right types of minerals in order for you to feel truly refreshed. That’s why the “thirsty girl mocktail” — an electrolyte-rich drink going viral on TikTok — speaks directly to our dehydrated hearts.

The buzzy mocktail is loaded with minerals, like magnesium, potassium, and sodium, to give your body what it needs to feel, well, a little less thirsty. If you drink water all day long and still feel parched, it likely means you need these electrolytes, says Melanie Murphy Richter, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist. Instead of drinking more, she says you need to drink smarter, which is where the thirsty girl ingredients get it right.

“By adding electrolytes, a touch of glucose, and some gut support, this drink is going to help keep your fluids balanced more effectively,” Murphy Richter tells Bustle. Here’s what you need to know about the beverage.

Who Created The Drink?

The drink comes courtesy of TikToker @gracie_norton, the creator of the much-beloved tart cherry-flavored sleepy girl mocktail. According to her, the thirsty girl is the perfect drink to have whenever you’re dealing with a hangover, brain fog, a mid-afternoon energy dip, or a bout of dehydration. That’s because it contains minerals (read: electrolytes) as well as pineapple juice and bubbly probiotic soda.

How To Make The “Thirsty Girl Mocktail”

Moon Juice

To whip up a thirsty girl mocktail like Norton’s, grab your favorite glass and drop in one teaspoon of Moon Juice’s Mini Dew powder, which contains electrolytes and tastes like fresh watermelon. (You can also use another electrolyte powder of your choice.) Add a splash of pineapple juice, a glug of aloe vera juice, and a freshly squeezed lime, then fill the rest of the glass with an ice-cold Lemon Lime Olipop or your favorite bubbly probiotic drink.

Is It Actually Good For You?

According to Murphy Richter, all of these ingredients work together to help quench your thirst once and for all. Here’s why: Mini Dew contains a blend of ionic minerals that play different roles in attracting water to your cells, which is what’ll help you feel genuinely hydrated. Pineapple contains potassium so that your fluid levels stay balanced, as well as glucose, which helps move sodium — another main electrolyte in the body — into your gut where it can be absorbed, says Murphy Richter. The aloe vera juice helps out by soothing your gut lining, as does the Olipop soda, thanks to its gut-healthy pre- and probiotics.

Add in the lime for a boost of vitamin C to give your thirsty girl mocktail a refreshing taste. “While vitamin C doesn’t directly affect hydration, ensuring that your body is getting enough antioxidants like vitamin C helps to maintain the integrity of your cells, collagen production, and skin health,” Murphy Richter says. Cheers to that.

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Melanie Murphy Richter, MS, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist