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10 Sweet Valentine's Day Texts To Send Family

"Happy V-Day to the people who make me believe in love."

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Your self-tanner phase, your emo teenage spoke word poetry, your really thin eyebrows — your family's seen it all, and they love you all the same. That's why these Valentine's Day texts to send family are full of love, laughter, and last attempts to get someone to send you free candy.

Although movies and TV make Feb. 14 all about romancé, V-Day is about the love of all kinds. Siblings, cousins, parents, you name it. If someone is special to you, Valentine's Day is a great time to let them know. If your family's on the sarcastic side or more emotionally reserved, they may not be into big declarations of love. Still, sharing a nice memory or letting them know you're thinking of them can be a sweet way to reach out.

Here are 10 texts to send your family on Valentine's day.


Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm so happy to be related to you.

A little sappy goes a long way. Who said love poems have to be romantic? Let your family know you're happy to be family.


Happy Valentine's Day! Love you a whole lot.

Valentine's Day is about all kinds of love. If you haven't told your family you love them in a while, take today to express your feelings.


If anyone was wondering, my favorite candies are Reese's, and I have the same address.

The joy of chatting with your family on V-Day is that you can unashamedly ask for candy, and you don't have to be sheepish about it.


HVD (That means Happy Valentine's Day)!

If there one thing that parents love, it's text abbreviations and feeling "in" with the young people. Send them some slang (even if you just make it up).


Why didn't the skeleton go to the Valentine's Day dance? He had no body to go with.

No one appreciates a dad joke like your actual dad.


Happy V-Day! I hope you eat lots of chocolate.

It's what Cupid would want.


I hope you feel loved today (and every day)!

(Also, I hope you sent me candy).


*Pet's name* is my Valentine.

Please send dog pics.


Happy V-Day to the people who make me believe in love.

If your grandparents have been together forever, or you're obsessed with your aunts' marriage, let them know their love inspires you.


I'm so lucky to have you! Happy V-Day!

Apart from overpriced candies and up-charged flowers, Valentine's Day is a time to tell your loved ones how special they are. Let your family know how happy you are to be in their lives.