11 Ab-Focused Yoga With Adriene Workouts

All you need is your mat.

Try these Yoga With Adriene core workouts for ab-focused work with chill vibes.
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While there’s a time and a place for hardcore ab workouts that involve minute-long planks or sit-up variations that go on until it feels like your torso’s on fire, you could also work those muscles in a less intense yoga class instead. Just hit play on one of Yoga With Adriene’s core workouts, which bring the burn in a decidedly more chill way.

Certified yoga instructor Adriene Mishler’s ever-popular YouTube channel is positively brimming with various yoga-themed core exercises that focus on your body’s center. And, as any Yoga With Adriene fan will know, each video comes with a heaping dose of positivity and encouragement from Mishler — something that’s extra nice when you’re about to do planks or leg lifts.

It’s also a relief to know Mishler’s core workouts aren’t necessarily about getting “ripped.” Instead, they focus on strengthening the center of your body so that you feel supported and strong. Add the yoga benefits each class brings, like deep breathing, brief appearances from her cute dog, and improved flexibility, and you’ve got the nicest setup for an ab workout anyone could ask for.

Whether you’re looking for a 20-minute ab workout that leaves you lying in a pool of sweat or a quickie routine that incorporates plenty of time in child’s pose, Mishler really does have something for everyone. Here are 11 Yoga With Adriene core workouts you can add to your fitness routine.


Deep Core Burn

This 20-minute core-focused yoga sesh is designed to build strength in your abs while increasing your flexibility. Get through it and you’ll be rewarded with a chill vinyasa flow at the end.


12-Minute Core Conditioning

If you’re new to core workouts or want something short and sweet, this’ll do the trick. It focuses on connecting you to your body’s center while strengthening your ab muscles. Doing these moves on the regular can even help reduce back pain and make it easier to do core-oriented yoga poses.


Therapeutic Ab-Strengthening Yoga

This short session from Mishler couples mindfulness and self-love with therapeutic yoga movements that help build up your abdominal wall muscles, aka the part of your core that keeps your trunk stabilized and mobile.


Core & Glute-Focused Flow

Want to get your booty involved? This 30-minute yoga practice zeroes in on your core and butt muscles so that they feel stronger once you’re off the mat (yes, there will be squats). By the time you’re done, they’ll both be on fire — in a good way.


6-Minute Ab Workout

This six-minute session is a great way to take a break from your desk and activate your abdominal muscles. Do it every day for a week and watch how your posture improves.


Body Awakening Core Sesh

To start the day on a good note, give this “wake up” video a try. For 23 minutes you’ll take deep breaths, get centered, and burn out your core with an assortment of planks, hip dips, and leg extensions.


28-Minute Yoga For Core

Within this core-centered yoga workout, Mishler offers ways to adjust each pose so you’ll always feel comfy and cozy — even if you’re sweating all over your mat. Expect plenty of sit-up-based moves, dead bug variations, and a bear plank.


Mindful Core-Strengthening Yoga

Got 19 minutes? This session will fire up your ab muscles through moves like leg lowers, oblique twists, and side planks, leaving you feeling centered and more connected to your body.


Core-Based Yoga For Runners

Mishler says this 22-minute yoga session is the perfect supplement to a nice long run or walk. Throughout the class, you’ll connect with your breath while strengthening your arms and abs through moves like sideways sit-ups, yoga-style crunches, and all kinds of plank variations.


Yoga-Style Ab Workout

In just 16 minutes, you’ll flow through core-strengthening poses (think sit-ups and bicycles) as you breathe deeply — though it definitely brings the burn, you can take a break whenever you need to.


Hour-Long Mindful Flow

This hour-long yoga flow takes you through all the traditional poses — like downward dog, child’s pose, and one-legged mountain pose — along with balancing poses that sneakily hit your core muscles. Once you’re finished, you’ll feel lengthened from head to toe.