All The Engagement Rings From 'The Bachelorette'

by Lindsey Rose Black

Hey The Bachelorette fans, tonight is the night! In honor of this season's finale, I scouted all the engagement rings from The Bachelorette over the years. From simple and stunning to gaudy and glam, every single one of these rings is totally "I do" worthy. You shouldn't marry someone just for the ring, but dang these are gorgeous.

Also, can you already believe The Bachelorette is on season 11?! I was obsessed with the show growing up, imagining romantic mega-expensive dates I'd someday go on. Fast-forward to early twenties life and, though I've had some spectacular dates, nothing comes close to the crazy fairytale world of the show.

Of course, the finale engagement (or promise!) ring is always when the fairytale aspect completely takes over. Being able to afford rings like the ones from the show is something most of us will never know. Heck, even the bachelorettes and bachelors on the show can't pay for the rings!

Though I no longer follow the series religiously, the finale is always something special and fun to tune into with my besties. An excuse to watch overly-staged romance and see some ridiculous jewelry? Come on, who wouldn't say "yes" to that?

1. Season 1 With Trista And Ryan

Allegedly, Trista Sutter lost her original engagement ring! The two are still completely in love though and even have two kiddos. Swoon.

2. Season 2 With Meredith And Ian

Ian proposed to Meredith with this stunner Tacori Reverse Crescent Engagement ring. Sadly, their love reversed a year later and the two are no more!

3. Season 4 With DeAnna And Jesse

Jesse also chose a diamond-covered Tacori ring to propose to DeAnna.

4. Season 5 With Jillian And Ed

Jillian loved this giant Neil Lane engagement ring. However, the two called it quits soon after filming.

5. Season 6 With Ali And Roberto

Roberto proposed to Ali with this beautiful Asscher-cut ring in a halo setting.

6. Season 7 With Ashley And J.P.

J.P. popped down onto one knee with this cushion-cut diamond ring from Neil Lang. The two got married in 2012! Yay!

7. Season 8 With Emily And Jef

Though their love didn't last, the crystal clear emerald-cut diamond in Emily's Neil Lane engagement ring definitely will.

8. Season 9 With Desiree And Chris

Chris had an eye for unique style when he picked Desiree's ring. The diamond-studded rose gold detail gives such a sweet vintage touch.

9. Season 10 With Andi And Josh

Josh chose a beautiful double-halo ring allegedly worth $72,000 when he proposed to Andi. Bummer she had to take off that ring when the two broke up.

Image Credit: ABC/Clodagh Kilcoyne; TVTimeGirl, Petite6Stix, ValenVideos, swtnurse26, Sam Louise, tackylovee, HOLLYWOOD, HollywoodLife/Youtube; Tacori