Ed Sheeran Is Taking On A Dark New Role

Ed Sheeran has impressed us with his lyrical acumen for years, and now the singer-songwriter will have a chance to flex his acting muscles with a new role. According to a July 27 report from The Hollywood Reporter, Sheeran is set to play a recurring role in the upcoming FX drama, The Bastard Executioner, which will be helmed by Sons Of Anarchy creator, Kurt Sutter. The series will also star True Blood vet, Stephen Moyers, and SoA alum, Katey Sagal. So, yeah, this is going to be good — albeit, gory. The series has been "billed as a blood-soaked medieval epic" that follows a former warrior's path to becoming an executioner, and Sheeran will act as Sir Cormac, an "ambitious and deadly protégé of a high-ranking church elder." While the "Thinking Out Loud" singer has offered us many swoon-worthy tales of romance through his music and videos, I have a feeling that Cormac will be decidedly less amorous. Then again, even deadly protégés must want to dip their toes in the dating pool once in a while, right? Maybe not...

I, for one, can't wait to see one of my favorite crooners — and fellow gingers — take on this new role. Despite Executioners sizing up to be quite the departure for Sheeran, I think Cormac could be the perfect character for him. In case you're doubtful, I've come up with several reasons we need to get ready to be impressed by this upcoming role.

1. Sheeran Loved Sons Of Anarchy & Did A Song For The Show

Sheeran collaborated with Sutter previously by debuting a cover of Foy Vance's "Make It Rain," which appeared in an episode of SoA.

2. He's Already Gained Some Acting Experience

Sheeran did an impressive turn on a live episode of NBC's Undateable. If you can earn that many guffaws during a live broadcast, medieval bloodbath drama should be a piece of cake.

3. He's Doesn't Shy From Dark Topics

While many of Sheeran's hits have made our romance-loving hearts flutter, the singer has showed his versatility with darker tracks, like "Bloodstream."

4. He's Always Had An Edge

This is one of many reasons Sheeran consistently holds a place of honor on my list of celebrity crushes.

5. He Could Provide Some Comic Relief

Even the most macabre of dramas need a little comic relief. Sheeran's dry wit would be the perfect way to infuse the show with a little humor here and there.

6. He's Fearless

Anyone who can publicly admit to having once "sharted" onstage is pretty fearless in my book. If you can overcome that, you can take on anything.

7. It's The Perfect Opportunity For A Medieval Sheeran Track

I never thought I needed a medieval-themed Sheeran song in my life, but this news has made me realize just how desperately I'd like a royal version of "Thinking Out Loud" complete with knight armor and swords. Maybe Sheeran's next stint should be as a dragon slayer on Game of Thrones — now, that would be legendary.

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