Ed Sheeran Is One Of The Coolest Celebs There Is

There’s no doubting Ed Sheeran’s an international superstar who has a reputation of being a generally well-liked guy — and, since Ed Sheeran is currently celebrating his 24th birthday, there there really doesn't seem a better time to acknowledge this. Not only is he known as one of the nicest celebs around (how could he not be, when he's basically BFF with the other nicest celebrity around, Taylor Swift?!) but, despite having performed a song called "Don't," he's often times shown us exactly what to do in certain situations. For instance: Impromptu karaoke with a fan. Definite do. Acknowledging when you've made a mistake, as he did when he apologized for judging Miley Cyrus' 2013 VMAs performance? Major do as well.

So Ed, this next paragraph goes out to you: To help celebrate your special day, here are a few dos for your birthday: Do turn up all day (and night) with friends. Do make sure the guest list includes Courteney Cox! Do write an awesome song about the experience and include it on your next album.

And finally, please don’t stop blessing us with more awesome moments like these 9 times where you totally did things the right way:

Sheeran's Impromptu Karaoke Session With a Fan

Yes, Ed. More of this, please.

Doing Taylor Swift's Makeup For The VMAs

Bestie/makeup artist all rolled into one? This is hands down the most adorable friendship ever.

His New Year's Eve Celebration

Sheeran bid farewell to 2014 with One Direction, cats and lots of alcohol.

Granting a Dying Fan's Wish

Twitter deserves a ton of credit for this deed, but when Sheeran sang to a fan who passed away shortly afterwards, it was undeniably one of his standout moments.

Apologizing to Miley Cyrus

Insulting Cyrus' 2013 VMAs performance proved to be a huge don't, but Sheeran's mature apology proves he's into mending relationships as well as broken hearts.

Sheeran's Grammys Performance

John Mayer, Herbie Hancock and Questlove accompanying Sheeran onstage totally made this performance a "do."

Performing With Beyoncé

Well, there's nothing really left to add here. Hitting the stage with Queen Bey at the Stevie Wonder tribute is about as clear of an Ed Sheeran "do" moment as it gets.

Collaborating with Tori Kelly

Considering Kelly is an awesome singer-songwriter in her own right, I'm willing to bet that a Kelly and Sheeran production will be a musical eargasm.

Happy Birthday Ed!

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