Why Summer Is The Best Time To Date

by Natalia Lusinski

By far, I think summer is the best time to date and find your future boyfriend or girlfriend. I know Bustle 's Kathryn Kattalia wrote about the opposite a few days ago, and Bustle's new podcast (“I Want It That Way”) discussed “summer lovin,’” too — but it seems I’ve had the best luck with it during the summer (whether it’s at the beginning of it or in the middle). Once I started to ask friends about this concept, and do research on it, I found that summertime is the least likely time for people to break up—according to a study of people’s Facebook statuses, at least, which indicates that breakups are most likely to occur after Valentine's Day or right before Christmas and earlier in the summer (not later). Hence, I can take that to mean that summer is the ideal time to go out and find someone.

Yes, some people just want summer flings, but I don't think your summer “fun” has to be that limiting, and it can very well last into the fall, winter, and spring, too (and maybe even circle back to the next summer, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves).

You don’t have to take my word for it, though here are some ways I’d try to convince you of the perks of summer dating.

1. More People Are Out

Instead of hiding out in their houses, hibernating from the winter cold. And, if dating is a numbers game (which I believe it is), then chances are higher you will meet someone (or someones) to date! Way more people are out in the warmer months. Go see for yourself!

2. There's Less Pressure

But, just because flocks and flocks of people are out, it doesn’t mean there is ANY pressure to meet someone versus in the colder months, when Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming and everyone’s looking for dates to parties or for that perfect person to kiss at midnight.

3. There Are More Group Events

There tons of group events during the sunny months—like beach volleyball, kickball leagues, ultimate Frisbee, etc.—and, chances are, your friends are playing, so go join them!

4. You’ll Have More Opportunities To Do Fun Solo Events, Too

Jogging along the lake or beach, rollerblading, hiking, etc. If you’re out alone, you’ll probably run into someone else who is, too. ;)

5. You Get To Wear Cuter Clothes

As opposed to wearing a million layers, all bundled up in winter-wear and down coats.

6. And No One Cares About Sweat

If a potential love interest cannot love seeing you in your natural state (no makeup, sweaty from soccer, etc.), they’re probably not worth it anyway. Plus, I know a lot of guys and girls who like to see that someone’s athletic. Not to mention that air conditioning is everywhere (usually), so any heat and humidity will (eventually) evaporate and only your hot self will remain.

7. There Are Endless Fun Date Ideas

Swimming, BBQs, and picnics, etc.. In her article, Kattalia said Tinder creeps abound in the summer, but I beg to differ. They probably abound 365 days a year, 24/7. Honestly, though, I feel they’d appear most in the winter months, when it’s cold and they’re too unmotivated to make an effort and actually leave the house to meet someone. So, swiping is probably much easier when it’s zero degrees… right?

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