When Will We Know Who The 'Bach' Is?

If you watched the finale of Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette season, then you're probably scratching your head about right now because there was zero announcement regarding the new Bachelor. Thanks to a leaked report a few weeks ago, many of us were expecting Ben H to be announced as the new Bachelor, however, we walked away empty handed. So what gives, ABC? When will we know who the new 2016 Bachelor is?

Well, if last season of The Bachelorette is any indication, we won't know until after Bachelor in Paradise wraps up its season. If you followed Andi Dorfman's season, then you know that we all expect the second runner up, Chris Soules to become The Bachelor . And that's exactly what happened. The only thing is, ABC made us wait until long after all the madness of Bachelor in Paradise was over and done with. Something tells me they are going for this model once again. And while it's infuriating, I totally understand the logic.

One one hand, it keeps the anticipation mounting long past the end of the Bachelorette season — after all, once Bachelor in Paradise ends, we have a long stretch of Dancing With The Stars in between us and a new season from the Bachelor Nation camp. We need the promise of something to keep us strung along. Waiting to know who the Bachelor is could certainly accomplish that feat.

Plus, there is the idea that if they announced the Bachelor now, it would be hard to get excited for Bachelor in Paradise. As much as I love the prospect of Clare from Juan Pablo's season talking to raccoon-producers AGAIN, I have to admit, that if I knew Ben H. (or even better, Ben Z. — let me dream, OK?) was the next Bachelor, how could I focus on the two Ashleys on BiP? Or Jared, the Loveman? Or sweet ol' Joe?

Basically, ABC knows us all too well. And they know, that if they spill the beans too soon, we'll be like Shawn Booth on his fifth date with Kaitlyn: champing at the bit and wondering why we can't just skip to the end when Chris Harrison crowns Ben H. the Bachelor.

So really, ABC is guarding our feelings. Maybe we should all try to appreciate that? (Sorry, everyone. I tried my best.)

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy