The Most Popular Day To Have Sex Is...

With this Friday being National Orgasm Day, SKYN Condoms by LifeStyles just released the results of their 2015 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey. Over 5,000 men and women, of all sexual orientations between the ages of 18 and 34, completed the survey. What it found, among other things, is that when it comes to sexual satisfaction, Millennials have it in the bag, with a whopping 89 percent of women reporting that they reach orgasm during sex. What it also asked was when people are having the most sex.

While things like New Year’s Eve (cold and alcohol!) might come to mind, the study found that birthdays and Valentine’s Day are the big days in which people have sex the most. With 79 percent of people having sex on the anniversary of their birth, birthdays take the cake (pun!) on days of the year for when people get it on the most, with Valentine’s Day being a close second at 73 percent.

The study, conducted in March of this year, included 69 (get it?) questions ranging from preferred positions, sex toy and lube use, the age at which people are having sex for the first time, and exactly how many of them would rather give up sex for a year instead of the Internet. That answer being 37 percent.

So if your birthday is the big day of the year for sexy times, you definitely want to make it as hot as possible. It is an extra special day after all. Here are five ways to make your next round of birthday sex way better than it is all year long.

1. Purchase A New Toy

If your birthday isn’t the excuse you need to buy a new sex toy, then really, what is? Although only a quarter of the respondents of the SKYN Condoms by LifeStyles study reported using vibrators on a regular basis, other studies have found that stat to be why higher, as in the majority of women use them.

Whether you choose yet another (or first!) vibrator to introduce to your sex life or some other toy that aims to please, getting a new toy for your birthday is never, like ever, a bad idea.

2. Opt For The Taboo

Does anal sex only get the special-occasion-only treatment? Maybe. Either way, the point is that your birthday should be the big day where you take advantage of all that “specialness” and go balls to the wall, as I say. Let your imagination run wild and try the things that you may not have tried before but have been wanting to try for so long. Just don't forget the lube.

3. Get Your Skin Orgasms On

Not that you need this pointed out, but music has an epic hold on us. So much so that just the right song can actually cause “frissons,” or skin orgasms, in which the listener is moved to feelings of sexual pleasure just from hearing an amazing song.

Although a recent study on the phenomenon had “Piano Concerto No. 2” by Rachmaninoff at the top of the list as a song that really gets people feeling hot and bothered, for your birthday choose the song that fits you best. Whether you go for some Taylor Swift (because "Bad Blood" turns people on, right?) or some old school Salt ‘n’ Pepa, choose your song wisely and make it part of the night.

4. Incorporate The Leftover Cake

I don’t think I’m alone when I put food and sex on the top of my personal favorites list, so not incorporating the leftover cake in your birthday sex just seems like such a waste. The frosting! You can smear the frosting on your body and your partner’s body and lick it off! And just think about how awesome giving a blowjob will be if there’s cake!

5. Don't Forget The James Deen

One of the major things we’ve been learning with all our porn star coverage is that women, all of them, love James Deen. Women are constantly searching for James Deen online, putting his site on the top of their lists, and I imagine we’re all following him on Twitter at this point, right?

Love affairs with Deen aside, the fact is that watching porn with your partner is great for your relationship and a research from 2014 found that couples that watch porn together are happier. So, if you’ve never watched porn with you partner or maybe you just don’t do as often as you might like, your birthday is the time to do it.

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