Kendall Jenner & Friends Pose For 'Love'

Finally a side to our favorite top models we haven't seen before. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Suki Waterhouse pose for Love magazine's autumn/winter issue, this time giving us a glimpse at their vulnerable side.

It's really not surprising when fans lose sight of just how young our models on the rise truly are. Think about it; Jenner and Hadid are only teenagers, yet the reality star has already shot some racy photos for publications like Love and GQ, while 23-year-old Waterhouse seriously dated 40-year-old Bradley Cooper for two whole years.

The British glossy's "Just Kids" editorial reminds readers that despite having traveled to all ends of the earth and lived life in the fast lane since their start, these young ladies have years ahead of them before fully delving into adulthood.

Set against a particularly rustic background, Jenner, Hadid, and Waterhouse have left their smiles behind in these photographs. A model's career is based on their ability to depict a certain emotion for the camera, but this time around I'm thinking there is truth behind their stoic expressions.

Love has uncovered something concrete by photographing these girls and women on the boarder of adolescence and adulthood. The magazine has exposed a genuine emotion all of us must face as we grow up, because while we would like to hold on to our youth, aging is inevitable and will come with heavy responsibility.

We see Jenner lying on the floor wearing a torn tank top and skirt. Hadid sits beside a stone wall, gazing at the camera in an oversized sweater and muddy cowgirl boots, while Waterhouse sits on a ledge in a little black dress, engrossed in thought.

This may be just another spread to tack onto their resume, but by agreeing to pose for the editorial, these models have chosen to remind us that despite the fact that they are growing up glamorous, they are just as scared as the rest of us.