Did Anyone Join 'BB17' Through Tinder?

With the Big Brother 17 houseguests under constant surveillance through the 24-hour live feeds, there is little we don't know about the cast. Except, of course, how they came to be on Big Brother. As many of the fans — and all of the feeders — know, production is one of the banned subjects in the house, along with Diary Room info and music CBS doesn't have the rights to. Casting, sadly, is considered part of production and doesn't often make it on the show or the live feeds, leaving us to wonder how the houseguests were cast on Big Brother 17. That's why it's so intriguing when fans get a snippet of info, as we did on Monday night. Twitter's all abuzz — achirp? — after Jason made a comment about houseguests being found on Tinder.

For years now, most fans have known that getting cast on the show can involve more than just going to a casting call or sending in a tape. Every year, there are also houseguests who are recruited by production to audition for the show. That's at least part of the reason we always end up with a few houseguests who seem to know absolutely nothing about how the show works.

So, what did Jason say that's got everybody hot and bothered?

Jason says a lot of things that aren't quite true, and folks are wondering if this is one of them. I hate to break it to you (or maybe you'll see this as great news?): It looks like Jason's telling the truth. Dun dun dun! So which houseguest or houseguests were found on Tinder? Well, I have a couple of candidates.

First up, we've got Becky.

Becky is the likeliest candidate because she's actually said more than once on the Feeds that they found her on Tinder, starting way back at the start of July and just as recently as last week. Of course, it's totally possible that Becky was lying or joking around when she said this. She might be betting on being seen as less of a threat to the other houseguests if they think she's not a Big Brother fan. Still, that seems like a weird thing to make up and then keep up throughout the season.

The other name being thrown around is none other than Shelli.

Now, this one's tricky. While a few people have claimed on Twitter and BB message boards (those are a still a thing, apparently) that Shelli was found on Tinder, this doesn't match up with the better-known story of her being recruited through her brother. I don't know, y'all, this one seems less likely, especially since Shelli is pretty open about being a Big Brother fan. It would be kind of amazing, though, if Shelli was recruited from Tinder and then ended up in a fairytale showmance with Clay. Talk about the best swipe ever!

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Image: CBS