What Your Birkenstock Style Says About You, Because Not Everyone Prefers The Arizona Over The Almere

Birkenstocks are back, baby! Whether you reach for strappy, flashy "fashion" birkies or opt for the classics, your Birkenstock style can say a lot about you. If you're a hardcore Birkenstock fan like me, it's crazy hard to imagine picking just one favorite pair. But deep down, we all always have that #1 choice.

The Birkenstock renaissance kicked off last spring amidst the whole "ugly shoe trend," and has been in full swing since. You can now find the shoes just as easily in high end retailer displays as you can in a surf shop. In fact, they're literally on my feet right now. One fabulous Bustle writer even wrote a glorious ode to why Birkenstocks are basically perfect. Personally, I think the popularity comes from just how dang comfy and good for your feet they are! #BirkenstockLoversUnite

Whether you're a hardcore hippie or die-hard couture fashion lover, Birkenstock's versatility makes any pair easy to style. And if you're rocking the vegan life, there's a plethora of great vegan Birkenstock options to love! Heck, soon, you can even have a whole Birkenstock wardrobe.

Sift through your pile, pull out your favorite pair, and read on to learn what it says about you.

1. The White Birko-Flor Arizona

This pair is my baby. If you feel the same way, chances are high you're a vegetarian or vegan (even if it means only sometimes) and love being outdoors, whether that means playing in the sand or braving the city. Opting for a color like white means you also are a bit of a neat freak and like to keep things tidy!

(White Birko-Flor Arizona, $135, Birkenstock)

2. The Pebbles Metallic Asphalt Leather Shakina

You're a total urban goddess that likes to keep things sleek, chic, and pulled together. Audrey Hepburn a la "Funny Face" is your epitome of style, and black on black can do no wrong.

(Pebbles Metallic Asphalt Leather Shakina, $140, Birkenstock)

3. The Black Suede Maine

Dickens novels are totally your thing, and you live for rainy days and cozy coffee shops. You can definitely have fun in the sun, but prefer cooler weather, cloudy skies, and one-on-one conversations.

(Black Suede Maine, $160, Birkenstock)

4. The Summer Breeze Nubuck Arizona

You two-tone color hipster, you. Not afraid to stand out in the crowd in the best quirky way possible, you're a lover of trends your pals haven't quite caught onto yet, listen to those cool underground bands, and definitely know the correct way to say "quinoa."

(Summer Breeze Nubuck Arizona, $140, Birkenstock)

5. The Pearly White Birko-Flor Almere

You live for long summer nights and beach bonfires. You're all about combining comfort with sexy, and want shoes that you can pop off easily to jump into the water. Chances are high the tan lines on your feet definitely reflect how often you reach for these sandals, you weekend party warrior!

(Pearly White Birko-Flor Almere, $89.95, Birkenstock)

6. The Taupe Suede Boston

Classic on classic, you my friend are the true Birkenstock tree hugger hero. You might know what's trendy, but you're all about focusing on what feels good and comfy at the end of the day. Rock on, my woodsy friend.

7. The Mirror Green Birko-Flor Gizeh

You're an out of the box thinker that's not afraid to make a statement whenever you walk into a room. Willing to play with the latest trends like #colombre, you don't shy away from drawing attention and feel most at home right in the spotlight.

(Mirror Green Birko-Flor Gizeh, $94.95, Birkenstock)

Image Credit: Birkenstock.Lisboa/Instagram; Birkenstock