WTF Is Going On In Kim K's Hype Commercial?

Now, I know that Kim Kardashian West has done all kinds of strange stuff in the last few years. Breaking the internet with that Paper cover? Check. Emailing Twitter for an editing feature? Check (though that was also pretty awesome). Creating a smartphone game that is insanely popular and addicting? Check plus. And now there's another event to add to the list: this ridiculously weird new ad. Seriously, what is going on in Kim Kardashian's Hype commercial? A few behind-the-scenes photos of the star dressed up as Audrey Hepburn came out a few days ago, but at the time, I didn't fully understand the purpose of it. But now, after the the commercial's release, I get it — but I am still so confused.

I've decided to break down the commercial by frame to find out the truth. Upon initial viewing, the ad just seems straight up bananas. However, after further investigation, there might actually be a real plot to this thing... kind of. Clearly Kardashian West fell off her bike and was transported into a some kind of dream state in a Marie Antoinette-esque time period where apparently Hype energy drink still exists. Honestly, the whole commercial is really just making me think that when you consume too many energy drinks, they will mess you up.

Am I right or am I right? Let's try and analyze this baffling short film frame by frame.

Kim Is On The Ground

Clearly the bike crash has already occurred. Poor Kim.


Kim is happy and go-lucky on her bike before the accident. It's important to mention that the basket on her bike is filled with Hype. Like, way too much Hype, or any energy drink for that matter.

The Crash

Oof, Kim's lucky none of her Hype spilled all over the place. God knows what happens if energy drinks get too close to your brain.

The Dream World Begins

And as fast as you can say "Kimye," Kim is transported into another time where she's napping (not to mention blonde — very blonde). She spends a lot of time in the commercial napping and staring into the camera.

Obligatory Product/Spokesperson Shot

More napping.

Obligatory Chest Shot


Kim Stares Into The Camera, Part One

I gotta admit, she looks great.

Obligatory Fashion Shot

Seriously, almost 20 seconds of the commercial is spent panning the camera down to see Kim's full dress. 20 seconds.

Kim Stares Into The Camera, Part Two

Awaking from her slumber.

The Shot Hype Has Been Waiting For

Finally Kim takes a sip of the drink she's promoting, one minute and 40 seconds into the commercial. The best things are worth the wait?

The Dream Is Over

Kim is awake! Oof, what a terrible fall. What caused it? We never find out, but I have a theory: her gigantic ring messed with her weight distribution while on the bike and she just toppled over.

Weird Transition/Kim Stares Into The Camera, Part Three

I'm assuming that at this point, the storyline for the commercial is over and now Kim is just posing because Hype asked her to do so. Because suddenly we're transported into a more modern fashion time period... unless this is part of the Hype fever dream, too?

Obligatory Chest Shot Number Two

Ugh. Again?!

Is It Just Me Or Is This A Beyonce Video?

Seriously, I can imagine Beyonce wearing this and with this hairstyle. Quick, someone check the "Video Phone" music video for fashion similarities!

Obligatory Fashion Shot/Kim Stares Into The Camera, Part Four

These must be in her contract.

And Finally The Shot Hype Paid Millions For

And with that last, intense shot of Kim holding a can of the product, the Hype commercial is finished.

Seriously... What did I just watch?

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