Should We Add Mr. Branson As A 'Scream' Suspect?

Another day in Lakewood, another day getting to stare at hot Language Arts teacher Mr. Seth Branson. If you’ve been watching Scream from the beginning, you know that he was banging his student, resident queen bee Brooke, until he broke things off. After Nina’s murder, Branson just felt like it was too dangerous with the town under such a microscope. I mean, I don’t think it’s a great idea to be having sex with an underage chick a la Ezra and Aria on Pretty Little Liars anyway, but at least he had the wherewithal to quit it. But did Branson quit Brooke because he didn’t want to get found out for statutory rape or because he is Brandon James/the killer and had more to hide?

My and the show’s suspicions started with resident nerds Audrey and Noah. Last week, they found all those nasty files on Nina’s computer, one of which morphed into a crazy program and emailed a sex tape of Emma to everyone on the school's listserv. But how did that video get made? Noah figured that, since most of the blackmailing videos sent around the school were filmed with a webcam, it had to be some sort of malware. Sure enough, what did Noah find on the school’s server, hidden in a Language Arts homework folder? A Trojan virus that connects the downloader’s camera to whoever it wants.

Since this virus was found in a Language Arts folder, it’s easy to assume that Branson was behind it. Normally, I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions, but if Branson and Brooke were banging, it’s not a reach to think that he would sleep with other hot students, like, say Nina? All of the videos filmed were saved on Nina’s computer, and Nina is not smart enough to figure out how to build and place a virus. Perhaps as a post-coital ritual Nina and Branson would look through these videos? Branson had to dump Brooke to get as far away as possible from his students and the server.

Audrey and Noah peeped at his laptop for a few minutes, and Branson seemed super suspicious of them. They tried to cover it up by telling him they were looking for new scene partners, and Branson said something weird about a threesome and blech. Though Branson seems a little young to be Brandon James himself, he’d make a good copycat. Maybe he’s a relative of Brandon’s? The school is a perfect cover. He has access to all of the kids, and Emma is in his class. Perhaps he slept with Brooke to find out secrets about Emma and her mom?

Though I’m not positive of his motives, I don’t think we should take our eyes off of Mr. Branson just yet.

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