Liz & Julia Are Officially Two Players On 'BB17'

It was the worst kept secret of Big Brother history, but finally the Twin Twist of Big Brother 17 officially revealed Liz and Julia are playing the game as two houseguests. On Thursday's live eviction, the Big Brother house welcomed Julia into the game — finally — and while no one was surprised by the new addition, it was nice to see the twins reunited in front of everyone. And with Julia in the house, Big Brother 17 has reset and Battle of the Block is officially over. Everyone, rejoice!

Julie Chen welcomed Julia to the live studio audience after she had been kept in sequester for the entire week. All Julia knew was that Liz was nominated at the beginning of the week. Chen played a little emotional game of "Unfortunately, Liz was nominated..." but eventually revealed that not only was Liz safe, but Julia would be entering the house at that moment.

When Julia entered the house, no one was surprised but shockingly everyone seemed excited (OK, maybe not Austin, but serves him right, UGH). Liz basically tackled her sister at the door, as one does after not seeing her sister for, like, seven days. Even Steve, Liz's mortal enemy, was clapping to the point where I thought, "Are you OK, Steve?"

Julia entering the house is exciting, for now, but I think that's going to change quickly as the "other side of the house" (which is what I have started referring to Meg, Jackie, James, Becky, and John as) might go after the twins ASAP since they're a bond that they simply cannot compete against. I wouldn't be totally against it since I'm really rooting for the "other side of the house," but I think we can all agree there are bigger fish to fry than Julia and Liz — cough, CLELLI. But, this game changes quickly, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Images: Bill Inoshita/CBS