Will The 'BB17' Twins Really Work Together?

Sorry Battle of the Block and BB Takeover, but all I can think about this summer is the Big Brother 17 twin twist. Though it's not the only thing shaking up CBS this year, it's definitely the most exciting, and now that Liz and Julia were revealed as the Big Brother twins, I'm only more intrigued. Of course, by revealed I mean to we viewers, because their fellow houseguests still have no idea that the sisters have been switching back and forth and will continue to do so until Week 5. At that point, if they are still in the game as Liz, Julia will be able to join the house and compete as well. That just leads me to wonder, will Liz and Julia work together to win?

For the next few weeks, I'm sure the answer to that is a resounding yes. If they don't use amazing teamwork to play a similar game, keep track of their alliances, and throw the other houseguests off their scent, "Liz" will be evicted before their secret can be exposed. However if they do make it to that point, which is likely as Liz doesn't seem to be a target yet, that could change.

At the end of the summer, only one person can win Big Brother. That's just how the game works. So while it's likely that the sisters will work together to keep each other in the game as long as possible, ensuring that if either makes it to the final two they have at least one vote in the jury house, that might not be the case. They could become cutthroat competitors, realizing that having a built-in ally essentially guarantees enormous targets being placed on both of their backs, and focusing on their individual games only. Or they could go the complete opposite route and make some sort of deal about the prize money, supporting each other to guarantee that at least one twin makes it to the end.

The only thing we can count on right now is Liz and Julia working together while they pretend to be one person — it's their only chance at surviving the first five weeks of Big Brother 17. But once they make it past that milestone and can reveal their separate identities, all bets are off.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS