8 Hilarious Lies Men Tell

There's nothing worse than the agony of being with a partner who is, more often than not, shady as hell. No one likes to be paranoid, but sometimes you simply know your partner isn't being totally honest with you, whether it's about something trivial like taking out the trash or something more serious like cheating. This sketchiness can definitely go both ways, but it's usually guys who get a bad rap for being liars — hence the birth of the Twitter trending topic #LiesMenTell.

The hashtag is clearly popular: It already has over 40,000 tweets, presumably because everyone can relate to being lied to at some point or another. The majority of #LiesMenTell tweets from women are predictably melodramatic examples of things shady men might say to a girl: "You're the only girl I'm talking to" or "I promise I'm over my ex." On the flip side, the hashtag also showcases some serious examples of internalized misogyny, with many men tweeting things like, "She's crazy, of course I don't like her" or "I don't care how many people you've slept with." Whether it's wrongly assuming all men are cheaters or reinforcing harmful stereotypes about women — that there's such a thing as a woman who's slept with "too many" people, for example — the hashtag is undoubtedly problematic in a lot of ways.

Despite the fact that the trending topic perpetuates some serious gender stereotypes on both ends, there are nevertheless some funny, tongue-in-cheek gems amongst the sea of melodrama. Here are eight of the best examples of some light-hearted responses to the #LiesMenTell hashtag — after all, it's far better to find humor in a situation rather than to take part in pointless Internet drama. (And if you were seriously perusing the hashtag because you're worried about your boo's shadiness, don't worry: There are plenty of ways to tell your partner is lying to you.)

1. This Feminist Icon

2. This Simple White Lie

3. This Scarily Familiar Feeling

4. This Serious *Side-Eye* Moment

5. This Slightly Immature Truth

6. This Sometimes Necessary Lie

7. This Rip-Off Of America's Favorite, Overplayed Commercial

8. And Finally...The Most Obvious Lie Of All Time

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