20 Apps Every College Student Needs To Download

Here's something that won't take up space in the car: Apps every college student should have. All you need to bring these with you is some storage space on your phone, which I understand is sometimes as hard to come by as the space in your car. But beyond the decorations for your dorm or shared living space, your books and notebooks and binders and spiral bound nonsense, there are apps you need, too. (And no, we aren't just talking about Tinder and Grindr, though we encourage you to have those too if that's what you ~feelin~.)

I graduated in 2013, so I never got to take advantage of apps. Sure, we had smartphones by then, but we tended much more toward the standards apps, or the ones you needed out of utility: Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, the Flashlight app. I can't even imagine college hook up culture with Tinder mixed in, because I'm sure that adds several thousand more layers I never even considered in college.

But now we've advanced. We don't even need a Flashlight app because there's one on our utility screen. And we've gotten to the point where we wouldn't even consider paying for a phone call abroad (because we have Google voice) and we don't even have a map in our cars, because if our phone dies, we use an external charger as our plan B instead.

It's a brand new world of apps, next gen colleges. That being said, here are 20 new apps you should download as a college student:

1. Evernote

Evernote is the most masterful note taking app out there, in my opinion. It syncs across all your devices, you can scan things into the app, take notes for classes, add notes for reminders, categorize, and overall achieve beautiful levels of organization.

2. Venmo

If you haven't downloaded it yet, stop fighting the trend. Venmo is much easier than scrounging around for cash to pay your roommate back. It eliminates having to write checks or open a Paypal account.

3. Mailbox

Basically your email, on steroids. It organizes your emails and you can add multiple folders and accounts.

4. Uber Eats

This is the perfect option if you have a specific craving for that one perfect Thai place. The delivery takes under 10 minutes. Currently in: LA, NYC, Chicago, Toronto and Barcelona.

5. Washio

My roommate used this for a while and it was so much fun. They pick up your laundry (and are very attractive), and when they drop it off they give you a brownie. And then you're charged through the app. It's honestly a magical experience.

6. Saucey

Booze delivery, anyone? They have an extensive wine, beer and hard liquor selection. It started in LA in 2014 and has been expanding since.

7. Splitwise

If you have roommates, this will save you the hassle of calculating who owes what for utilities (or concert tickets and alcohol). You'll use this throughout college and for many years after, in my experience.

8. Dropbox

Dropbox is the file sharing website that lets you send huge files, or loads of pictures, etc. Good for group projects and for sending endless amounts of pics.

9. The Bustle App, OBVIOUSLY

Live news alerts, entertainment updates and lifestyle tips. HOW HAVE YOU NOT DOWNLOADED IT YET?

Not overselling here, people.

10. Drizly

Alcohol app number two, which may cover your location. They deliver in: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York (including Manhattan, Brooklyn & the Hamptons). Delivery time is 20-40 minutes, and if you live in New York, you can download it for free.

11. Seamless

The fact that you can order food from an app on your phone is dangerous and magical all at the same time. We be all night. LooooOOOOooove.

12. GrubHub

GrubHub was more popular food delivery service when I was in college, so I feel obligated to include it. It's still relevant, guys. I've always had great experiences with them.

13. Postmates

Postmates is a delivery service that is ~transforming~ the way local goods get around the city. The difference between this app and something like Seamless is you can use it for large deliveries. For example, if you were going to cater a meal for a meeting, you could use Postmates as a means for delivering the food and supplies you need.

14. CliffsNotes

No. Brainer.

15. Snap2PDF

By far the easiest way to make a PDF. You take a picture of the document you need to scan in, and then the app converts it to a PDF. Then you can send it anywhere from your phone.


Perfect for budgeting, and tracking your spending. is one of the leading budgeting apps and is definitely worth the download.

17. will never not be relevant. Now you can get it on your phone.

18. Wag Walking

If you're looking for a part time job, you can now get one on your phone. Become a dog walker with Wag. It's essentially Uber for dogs.

19. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

It basically maps your sleep cycle and wakes you up at a time that's better for you. It monitors how you sleep and wakes you when you're at the lightest part of your REM cycle. You set a concrete area of time when it should wake you up (for example, 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.).

20. VSCO Cam

Never let anyone stop you from editing pictures between classes. You don't need that negative energy in your life.

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