8 Reasons Anna Kendrick Is The Realest

Anna Kendrick is everyone's favorite super nerd. Her tweets are hilarious, she's got a killer sense of humor, she's an outspoken young feminist, and she happens to be a raging Lord of the Rings fan. Aside from the fact that Kendrick is also so infuriatingly beautiful my eyeballs burn, what's not to love? Luckily for fans, and, of course, the actress herself, she seems to be staying busy with work on new projects and enjoying every minute. It's hard to call Anna Kendrick, or any celebrity for that matter, "relatable," because she's famous, and occasionally spends extended periods of time bro-ing out with Zac Efron and being friends with Aubrey Plaza, but given the options, she is probably one of the realest celebrities around.

This is not to say that all non-Kendricks are fake and disingenuous, but if I had to choose one famous person who seemed the most remotely like a civilian, she would definitely be near the top of my list of Celebrities That Might Possibly Be Real Humans. She's a giant nerd, always dorky, and consistently awkward, which is why she's one of the coolest.

Here are eight Anna Kendrick Instagram posts that prove she is, in fact, the realest ever.

1. When She Loved Her Co-Stars So Much She Had To Lick Them

As one does.

2. When She Wore A Blanket Cape

Who hasn't?

3. When She Shared Her Honest Feelings About Press Junkets


4. When She Worshipped The Rock

How could you not?

5. When She Did These Dorky Dance Moves

And still managed to be adorable.

6. When She Was A Beyoncé Superfan


7. When She Made Fun Of Her Friend

Posting embarrassing pictures of your friends is 90 percent of why Instagram's great.

8. When She Couldn't Help But Post A Selfie

They're just impossible to resist sometimes.

Thank you, Anna, for making that whole "celebs: they're just like us" actually sound reasonable.