Do 'BB' Houseguests Know Liz Doesn’t Like Austin?

For me, the best part about watching Big Brother is the feeling that I am constantly in the know. Like, this whole Liz and Austin thing. I’ve been watching with from the edge of my seat ever since their no-mance was a potential showmance — but what about the other houseguests? Do they know that Liz isn’t actually in to Austin?

I mean, it’s easy to forget how little the other houseguests know. In fact, it isn’t until the one of them realizes something for the first time — something that has been going on since the beginning of the season, perhaps — that I remember that they are completely in the dark about so many things that go in the Big Brother house. But I guess that’s the benefit of watching a voyeuristic show: I’m never the one left out. The other houseguests, on the other hand, can easily be so in the dark — so much so that it’s kind of painful when they realize something huge that has been going on right underneath their noses. For instance: Thursday night’s episode, when Meg, Jackie, James, and Becky all realized that Clay and Shelli have been behind every eviction.

Um. Yeah. Duh.

As viewers, it's important to remember that we get to see so much more than houseguests ever do in the Big Brother house. It’s so easy to forget that, unless houseguests are eavesdropping on every conversation (or in five places at once), they're missing a large chunk of what happens in that house.

This is all to say that — when it comes to the whole Liz not being into Austin thing — I think the other houseguests are completely in the dark about that, too. I mean, if they didn’t even know that Clay and Shelli were really the ones behind the past few evictions (which, for what it's worth, is something that seemed super obvious to me) then I definitely don’t think they are clued into the fact that Liz isn’t really into Austin.

Plus, the other houseguests’ ignorance aside, Liz would be a fool to tell anyone other than Julia about the fact that she doesn’t like Austin. If word got back to Austin that Liz was just not that into him, Liz would lose one of her strongest allies in the house. Because, let’s face it, her alliance with Austin is stronger than any of her other alliances — even her alliance with her own sister.

It’s pretty unlikely that anyone in the house knows that Liz doesn’t like Austin. And, if she’s smart, she will do her best to keep it that way.

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