Why Did Steve Throw HoH On ‘BB17’?

Here’s something every Big Brother fan should know: The strongest players know their weaknesses. So, when Steve threw the HoH competition on Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother, I was not at all surprised. You have to respect the man for knowing when to hold ‘em and when to… well… throw ‘em. The guy may have an upper hand in all of the mental challenges, but when it comes to physical challenges, Steve knows that he’s not the strongest in the house. So, it makes sense that — in order for him to not seem like he’s playing the game too hard — he’d throw a competition here and there. Because that’s part of a good Big Brother strategy: Not playing the game too hard. Or, rather, not looking like you’re playing the game too hard.

This in mind, it actually makes complete sense that he would not only throw a challenge here and there — and most importantly purposely throw the challenges he is least likely to win. Like I said, the guy knows his weaknesses. Why hold onto a tilting wall for two hours just to ultimately lose? (Or, even worse, to put a huge target right on the middle of your back?)

It's possible there’s also Steven’s larger strategy at play here. Unlike many of the other players, Steve has spent the entire season keeping to himself and out of the way of whoever is in charge. He’s made friends, sure, but he’s kept relatively quiet and out of everyone’s line of sight. And throwing the HoH challenge is right in line with this strategy: He doesn’t want to stand out. He doesn’t want to be in charge. He doesn’t want to do anything other than get through these next few weeks unscathed and then really start playing the game.

Because, let’s be honest: As much as it might be a good idea to build alliances, win challenges, and make friends in this game, take a look at the players who did that early on this season.

That’s right. Those are the people who have been sent home the fastest.

It's perfectly clear, when you think about it. Steve threw that HoH for a reason — and his reason was to win this game.

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