How Did Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence Meet?

Move over Taylor Swift, because it looks like a new A-List squad is forming. On Saturday, July 30, Amy Schumer took to Twitter to bestow us with some glorious news — she and Jennifer Lawrence are friends! OK, she didn't tweet, "Lawrence and I are friends," but she did post some pics which included her and Lawrence jet skiing, giggling, and even channeling high school cheerleader days by taking part in a human pyramid. What?! I thought that my birthday had come early when news broke that Lawrence and Swift were poised to become BFFs, but Schumer and Lawrence joining forces may render more squees than my little heart can take! Eek!

Both women have proven to be formidable talents in the entertainment industry. Oscar-winning Lawrence helmed films like The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook, while Schumer delivers laughs — along with shrewd insights — on her Comedy Central hit, Inside Amy Schumer. Off-camera, the two seem to share admirably unapologetic personas and continually assert their roles as feminist icons. It always seemed like these two were meant to be the best of friends, and now it appears our dreams of the two starting their own squad may be coming to fruition.

The origin of the duo's burgeoning friendship is unknown. How exactly did these two meet? I can't be sure, but after some investigation, I have been able to hypothesize a few ways Schumer and Lawrence first crossed paths.

1. Schumer Called Lawrence After This Shoutout

Schumer posted a giddy photo to Instagram after Lawrence mentioned her during a 2015 Comic Con interview. And, yes, I would love to see Schumer star on the next season of The Bachelorette.

2. Lawrence Called Schumer After Schumer Posted The Above Video

Maybe the situation I previously mentioned was reversed. Although Lawrence stays relatively mum on social media, that doesn't mean she can't peruse other celebs' feeds from time to time — right? Obviously she's a fan, and seeing Schumer appreciate her shoutout could have been all she needed to get up the gumption to make a phone call.

3. Schumer May Have Reached Out To Lawrence For Dramatic Acting Advice

If you've seen the movie Trainwreck, you know that — although uproariously funny — the movie was peppered with some dramatic moments, where Schumer showcased some impressive acting chops. Being that Lawrence is a pro at this, it's possible that Schumer could have reached out to make sure she was in prime form for her big cinematic debut.

4. Their Agents Saw A An Opportunity For Friendship

I'm not an agent, so I don't exactly know how celebrity setups work. I imagine that their agents — being professionals at setting up things, scheduling, and whatnot — could have seen that the two were meant to be gal pals and corresponded on a meeting.

5. Taylor Swift?

As previously noted, Lawrence and Swift became friends a while ago. Being that Swift is a pro at bringing people together, maybe she suggested Schumer as being the perfect pal for Lawrence. If I see a tweet or Instagram featuring Lawrence, Schumer, and Swift, it will prove this hypothesis to be true. That's just science, people.

6. Photobomb Bonding


Remember Schumer's pratfall in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the Time 100 Gala? Ahahahaha! There has been speculation that the move was inspired by Lawrence's past tumbles. Hey, stilettos are difficult to walk in, guys. (I actually make a habit of falling in any type of shoes. Clumsiness is endearing, right?) Lawrence could have caught wind of this and — due to her affinity for photobombs — found the move hilarious, and decided the two should be friends ASAP.

This is all speculation, of course, but I'd be willing to wager a bet that at least one of my theories is correct. Either way, let's hope we can look forward to more social media fodder involving these two badass females.

Images: Getty Images (2); Instagram/AmySchumer; Giphy (4)