Lauren Might Leave 'Bachelor In Paradise'

It's one thing to get ditched by a guy, but Ashley I.'s sister is debating leaving her alone in Paradise. Promos for Sunday's episode show Lauren Iaconetti wanting to leave Bachelor in Paradise because of a man back home. The sister pair traveled to sunny Mexico together to compete as a team, but it a wrench was thrown into that plan pretty quickly. So, who is the boyfriend Lauren wants to leave Bachelor In Paradise for?

Upon arriving in Mexico, Lauren was quick to describe herself as very different from Ashley. One of the first things she told fellow contestants was that, unlike her sister, she is not a virgin. Later on in the premiere, she mentioned that she once dated a 40-year-old (which is not an insane age gap for the 24-year-old, but it's still a significant one).

While debating ditching Paradise, Lauren opened up about her man. "He's not my boyfriend. It's just someone that I'm super into," she said in the preview clip. "I'm so in love with him I can't even do anything."

When questioned by a few of her fellow contestants about why she was there, Lauren dropped the bomb: "I'm kind of the mistress. So he's not my boyfriend. So I figured I was allowed to come out here and do whatever I wanted." She made it clear, though, that her guy isn't married. But, he does have a girlfriend.

Either way, just who could this guy be? Due to the questionable circumstances surrounding their relationship, it's not a huge surprise that I couldn't find any photos or info about him on her social media accounts. Could he be the 40-year-old she mentioned in the premiere? Here's what we do know.

Lauren Posted This On Instagram Nearly A Year Ago:

Maybe the relationship has been ongoing and he repeatedly told her he would leave his girlfriend, but never did.

In July, Lauren Tweeted This:

This is a pretty telling bit of info about a guy with two girls in his life.

Just A Few Weeks Ago, She Posted This:

If this is the same guy, I'm glad it seems like she's ditched him, at least. No one deserves to be treated this way by an ex. Maybe Lauren can get a second chance at love on BiP Season 3.

Image: Bob D'Amico/ABC