Who Killed Paul On 'True Detective'? The Corruption In Vinci Lead To Brutal Consequences

People have been complaining since the very first episode of True Detective Season 2 that it doesn't hold a candle to Season 1. Well, after the newest episode "Black Maps and Hotel Rooms," I think those people will be changing their tune. Because not only was the episode epic, confusing, stress-inducing and exhilarating, it was also completely heartbreaking as the worst thing happened: Paul Woodrugh died. Why on Earth would the show want to kill this interesting, good, conflicted man? Well, it looks like it all comes down to one of the biggest fictional corruption scandals ever to rock the Los Angeles area. The murder of Ben Caspere and the corruption of Vinci caused this horrible event to occur, but who was directly responsible for this awful event? None other than Lieutenant Burris killed Paul on True Detective, showing that everyone is hiding something in Vinci, California.

For those of you who have been watching Season 2, you might still be wondering, who is Lieutenant Burris? The guy hasn't had that much screen time in the last six episodes prior to "Black Maps and Hotel Rooms," but he's been lurking in the shadows, involved in all the terrible deeds being done by all the corrupt officials on the series. He seems to be Mayor Chessani's lap dog. Lieutenant Burris was the guy who invaded Bezzerides' crime scene where Ray was shot with buckshot by Birdman. He also tasked Ray with finding Caspere when it was still a missing persons case, and made sure Ray was on the Caspere case when his body was discovered and it became a homicide investigation.

So why kill Paul? That's what we should really be wondering, right? I can only imagine that it has to do with the fact that Paul, Ray, and Ani are getting closer and closer to the truth behind the double murder and robbery, as well as Caspere's death. I have a feeling Burris could actually be Caspere's killer, and Uproxx's Tumblr has the same theory. Maybe Burris killed Caspere to find the blue diamonds that he had from all those years ago, to either keep for himself or give to Chessani. Or maybe Mayor Chessani killed Caspere and Burris is covering for him. The Season 2 finale will be super-sized at almost 90 minutes long, so we're bound to find out Burris' motives and learn the answers to all the other one million questions True Detective has presented. It's going to be a long night.

Image: Lacey Terrell/HBO